Monday, February 22, 2016


I'm in Augusta today for my day off. I just saw a commercial for a new restaurant opening up in the area. The food is Tex Mex and it looks good on TV. But should I eat at:
I've never been at this restaurant and I don't think I ever will, at least not wearing my collar, but should any Catholic eat here:
But if I was trying to get away from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, could I go in and if hungry order food with eyes cast down? It is permissible to go to one of the above restaurants if one is hungry?

Being Catholic presents so many problems!


Anonymous said...

How much Devil's Food Cake have you eaten? Or Deviled Eggs. Or Deviled Crab? Surely you have had Fra Diavolo sauce... And I bet you REALLY enjoyed it!

Hooters, on the other hand, is nothing more than a T&A showroom, popular with "men" whose psychosexual development is stuck somewhere between age 8 and 13.

Anonymous said...

Really, a priest has to actually ask that question? Since you obviously don't know, the answer in NO. As a rule any place you would be ashamed to wear a Roman collar you should never go into. But I am taking for granted that you would be ashamed to enter Hooters in a Roman collar, I'm not so sure you would be ashamed. But whatever.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

True history: When I was little, my father was the grocery shopper. He knew what I liked but one Saturday he came home with devil's food cake. I liked angel food cake and he knew it and when I complained to him that I didn't want devil's food cake but I wanted angel's food cake I could understand why he was laughing at me. I was just stating fact oblivious to the humor involved when coming from a small child.

Augusta had an elderly native priest, God rest his soul, but about 20 years ago he in his old age ate at a Hooters. Their signs back then featured a prominent owl, and he didn't know about the double meaning of of the term. He did say he did get an eyeful!
If you knew this elderly priest one would know of his complete innocence in this regard and it was a very funny story when he told it. In fact it is legend in Augusta.

But another conundrum for us in the English speaking world where words and names have double meanings:

I receive a Christmas gift card for "Dicks" which of course is a famous sporting goods store. Should I shop there and if I do should I wear my collar.

In the south, and I kid you not, we have a furniture store named "Badcock's", yes, that is their name! I've shopped there before and with my collar on to buy furniture for the rectory, they have good prices. Should I have shopped there.

And of course, South Carolina's Clemson University has as their mascot, "the Gamecock" and their chant is "Go Cocks!" I kid you not! Should a Catholic join in that chant let alone a priest?

What a world!

Gene said...

Yeah, and don't be picking Pussywillows, either...

Jenny said...

Father, Father, you have just offended every Clemson fan living and dead: Clemson's mascot is the Tiger, USC's (the much-hated rival!) is the Gamecock. For shame!! (-:

Rood Screen said...

The first, yes, the second, no.

Anonymous said...

Clemson Gamecocks or USC Tigers - facts just get in the way.

Gene said...

How about the Clemson Tiger Cocks?

Mark Thomas said...

Father, here are some restaurants that Catholic priests should avoid.

-- Panda Express, the Chinese food restaurant, has just opened a new sea food restaurant. The SSP...Xpress. Caution: They serve uncanonical food...except on Fridays. It is safe to eat there on Fridays as they serve fish cooked by a chef named Bishop Filet.

-- Jack in the Poor Box. They serve raw hamburgers and uncooked French "fries" as they lack the money to purchase a grill and fry vat. The restaurant manager tried to raise money from customers to purchase the necessary equipment. He appealed to them via the Church's Social Teachings. However, a mob of Traditionalists and neo-cons overturned several tables and accused the manager of promoting communism.

-- From the folks at Spaghetti Warehouse is a new restaurant...Spaghetti Starehouse. The dining experience is versus populum. Priests are seated at one side of a table. Other customers are seated at the other side of the table...and everybody stares at each other for an hour. P.S. Music is brought to you by Marty Haugen.

-- Move over Papa John' comes Papa Frank's. A priest orders his food. But is then served a different order. A maƮtre d' named Jimmy Akin informs the priest that the waiter clearly heard the priest order "X" but believed that the priest ordered "Y".


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

It depends on the connotation and if it's in jest or not. We have HELL pizza here and I never darken the door and I know a lot of Catholics and other Christians who won't go there. There advertising can be a bit anti-Christian but it uses pictures of the devil, etc, to promote its pizzas. In those circumstances one has to wonder who and what is behind this organisation which has done very well and has now expanded to the UK and other countries. Yes, they've done well but then they say the devil looks after his own. I just think people should be a bit cautious if things are overtly anti-Christian.

John Nolan said...

Five miles from where I live is the historic town of Stony Stratford. It has two old coaching inns, the Cock and the Bull (locals claim ownership of the phrase 'cock and bull story', a fanciful tale fuelled by too much ale). I understand Americans try to avoid using the word 'cock' (preferring 'rooster') and refer to a cockroach as simply a roach.

The first men to fly the Atlantic were Alcock and Brown (in 1919). In England a 'cock-up' simply means a blunder or a confused situation.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Mother had pair of Cock & Bull Ginger Beer bottles.

Anonymous said...

When she first went to work my mother had a boss called Mr Silkcock. She said that being young she was too embarrassed to ever say his name so for the entire time she was there she addressed him as Mr Silk ...

Gene said...

This guy went to the judge and said, "I want to legally change my name."
The judge asked, "What is your name?"
The man replied, "Bill Shitz."
The judge said, "Well, I guess I can understand that, what would you like to change it to?"
The man replied, "John."

John Nolan said...

A retired councillor told me that he once had to process a planning application from a lady with the unfortunate name Ophelia Cox. A good reason for retaining one's maiden name.