Thursday, February 4, 2016


 (I can't swear to this, but when I was on sabbatical in Rome in 2012, our group visited the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and an American priest-official working there gave us a tour and a lengthy presentation on what the congregation does. I think it might have been then Father Steven Lopes! I had the opportunity to ask him about the Anglican Ordinariate and its new missal at the time and wondered in my question if the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite could have the EF additions that the Ordinariate Missal has given to us. As I recall the official said if the Ordinary Form has a bishop or cardinal advocate for it, sure!!!! As you know the approval of the Ordinariate Missal came not only from the Congregation for Divine Worship but also the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and then Pope Francis signed off on it!)

This is at the end of Mass when the newly ordained bishop circles around the nave offering his Episcopal blessing. The choir is absolutely fantastic and I presume what is sung is a great Anglican hymn!

I found this on YouTube but cannot find the entire Mass there. Does anyone out there know if the complete Mass is available?


Ruth Lasseter said...

Hello, Father! Peace be with you! I was at the ordination and it was awesome in the most profound sense of the word! To see the first unification ordination since the Reformation/Revolution of 500+ years ago was almost to much glory to bear! I'd suggest that you contact the ordinariate directly at the NEW Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston.

The events around the ordination were wonderful, too -- a family festival was held and several excellent talks given about the Ordinariate in the USA, England and Australia. This ordination of Bishop Lopes was the FIRST bishop for Ordinariate of the Chair ofSt Peter. As a former Anglican who "poped" 40 years ago, I no longer feel like a displaced person or an orphan; the Anglican patrimony has been reclaimed into the Roman Catholic Church and under the Holy Father!

Let's continue our prayers and rejoice greatly in the Lord's work. Blessed is He who brings Good out of evil! Amen.

Ruth Lasseter, South Bend Indiana

John Nolan said...

What is being sung is the Te Deum in the English setting by Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924). 'We praise thee O God; we acknowledge thee to be the Lord'. I remember singing this at school (non-denominational but with close links to the Established Church, which went back to pre-Reformation times). Despite its present vicissitudes and the unfortunate remarks of its leaders, I have a great respect and affection for the Church of England. After all, the Catholic Church has similar problems and the Anglicans were following Rome's example when they buggered up their traditional liturgy.

Recent (Catholic) episcopal consecrations in England have sung the Latin Te Deum at the end, in one of the Gregorian settings. To my shame, I do not know the words off by heart, despite being a cradle Catholic. I do, however, remember the traditional English words. The modern Anglican version begins (believe it or not): 'You are God. We praise you'.

Mark Thomas said...

Is there any reason to believe (is it even a good idea?) that the example of an Anglican Ordinariate would lead to an Ordinariate for Catholics who prefer to live and worship via TLM-only parishes?


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

MT, we already have what the Ordinariate has with the FSSP, although they don't have their own bishop. If the FSXXP are fully integrated into the Church and I suspect they will be if they would only show some flexibility, it could in fact be an ordinariate as they have bishops already.

I have to tell you that there simply are not enough parishioners in my parish or in Macon who would make it feasible for me to turn one of our Masses into an exclusively EF Mass. Holy Spirit since it has only one Mass on Sunday would be the logical place to do an every Sunday EF Mass. It would not overtax the pastor there one bit. We have five Ordinary Form Mass and these people want the OF and they are good Catholics.

John Nolan said...

Fr McDonald

I don't follow your logic. If a parish has five scheduled OF Sunday Masses, then having one in the EF is not depriving those who prefer the OF - they even have a choice of times. Having the EF only once a month deprives those who prefer the older Rite entirely on three Sundays out of four (in the case of last month, four Sundays out of five). Moreover, they are tied to a particular time. The EF now has parity of esteem and if it is to appeal to a wider audience it needs to be celebrated weekly at a sensible time.

If there are people in your parish who object to the EF even when they are not required to attend it, then I would question whether they are 'good Catholics'. It's a bit like those who dislike (or do not understand) opera insisting that Covent Garden or the Met be given over to pop music, despite the fact that their own preferences are amply catered for elsewhere.

The Paris church I alluded to in my post on Joan of Arc was asked by the previous Archbishop (Cardinal Lustiger) to offer Mass in the older form and every Sunday there is an OF Mass in French and an EF sung Mass. Both are well attended. The tiny rural church close to where I live has an OF Mass at 10 a.m. and an EF Mass at 12. The parish priest would admit his preference for the older Rite but would not dream of forcing it on everybody. The congregation for the 12 o'clock is small, but growing, and after a quick survey from the choir loft I estimated the average age at about thirteen, given the large number of children present, the youngest being all of two weeks old!

Talking with the OF regulars I found middle-aged and middle-class Catholics who had never attended a Latin Mass in either form. It's a case of ignorance rather than prejudice.

'Look, you're the twentieth person I've told today - there's no demand!'

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should include this suggestion for Holy Spirit at the next deanery meeting.

Gene said...

Having Kavanaugh say the EF would be like having Putin sing the National Anthem.