Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Let's pretend a Cardinal of the Catholic is celebrating Mass and has made a decision to deny someone Holy Communion for doing something at Mass that politicizes the Most Holy Eucharist.

Let's pretend that another lay person sees that the Cardinal has denied giving someone Holy Communion and completely flummoxed by this and outraged, goes up a second time to receive Holy Communion from a different "minister" and receives in the hand and returns to give this second Host to the person at his pew that the cardinal had just denied Holy Communion.

Liturgically, how could this sad state of affairs have developed in our beloved Catholic Church with the Most Precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Crucified and Risen Lord? I wouldn't want to get into the specifics of the why of this pretend situation, but only the situation where a lay person could think she could go up and get a host and bring it back to pew to give to a third party who had been denied Holy Communion by the Ordinary of the Archdiocese, in this case, a Cardinal, but only in a pretend scenario.


rcg said...

I think the layman should get a visit from St Nicholas for his deed.

Carol H. said...

This situation is no different than voting pro-abortion then lining up for communion. It is no different than supporting "gay marriage" then receiving communion.

This problem has an easier fix though- communion on the tongue ONLY.

Joseph Johnson said...

All the more reason to REVOKE the INDULT for Communion in the Hand and DEFAULT back to the UNIVERSAL NORM of receiving on the tongue.

If this is done then it will not only help restore a lost sense of reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament it will also facilitate a more effective denial of Communion to "pro-choice" politicians who call themselves "Catholic" while, at the same time, calling the "right" to late-term abortions "sacred."

By the way, I'll bet "Sacred Nancy" Pelosi always receives Communion in the Hand. There's a connection here, folks if only most of our bishops would see it!

Templar said...

I assume beating the offenders with truncheons isn't a viable option?

And shooting would be right out.

Hmmmm, going to have to suggest grabbing by the scruff of the collar, bodily removal from the grounds, and a parting gift of a map to Holy Spirit Parish.

rob said...

Hypothetical? Pray for Cardinal George.

Gene said...

I spoke with a Filipino nurse while on a field trip with my grandkids' school. I asked her if she was raised Catholic. She told me that she had been but when she married her husband, she joined the Baptist church and was re-Baptized (I was trying not to choke on my hamburger). She continued, "But, I still miss the Church, so sometimes I go to Mass so I can still receive the real Host." I explained to her gently why she should not do that. She said, "I didn't think it was wrong. I mean, I was baptized Catholic, too." This is a Filipino, who are some of the most devout Catholics I know. This is what lack of catechesis has given us. Really disturbing.

Gene said...

Templar, Maybe they were from Holy Spirit...LOL!

John Nolan said...

Even when receiving in the hand (a deplorable practice, I would agree) the Host must be immediately consumed in the presence of the minister. It may not be carried away, still less transferred to someone else.

Large churches frequently find Hosts that have quite simply been discarded. I remember when the Novus Ordo went live (1970). People still knelt at the rail and received on the tongue. There were no EMHC. I received in the hand once - aged 16 in Germany in 1967, where it was widespread though illicit. Everyone else was doing it, so I assumed it was the local custom.

I will receive standing in the OF if kneeling is not an option, but only on the tongue and only from a priest or deacon.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

As one who always distributes Holy Communion, I am not good at watching who walks off with the host. Occasionally I see it. The chalice ministers see it better than me. But yes, this practice of Holy Communion in the hand lends itself to the abuse of bringing the host back to the pew to share with others or keep as a keepsake of the visit to the Church or God knows what. Yes, we have found hosts on the floor, in the hymnals and under the pews!
I have seen in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and the Cathedral in New Orleans, ushers stand near those who distribute the Host to watch and make sure no one walks off with it and this may well be a good idea, but I have seldom or ever heard of any problems with the desecration of the Host when receiving on the tongue is the norm. Why the Vatican and our bishops could care less about this and continue to promote the option of receiving in the hand is beyond me.