Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I just came in after taking this photo with my iPhone of one of the two blooming pink budded trees outside our rectory/office door here at St. Joseph. Oh, and it's about 76 degrees right now in downtown Macon. And the pollen is making me sneeze!

I heard on the news that Boston is going to get two feet of snow by Friday. Poor souls! Who in their right mind would want to be in the northeast and across the top if this country especially in the Church? The south is the place to be for good weather and good Church--it's the springtime for the Catholic Church here as we go full steam ahead with the reform of the Church following explicitly Vatican II and thus continuity.

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Mike Lutz said...

Ah, father, you do not realize how hardy we Northerners are! "No pain, no gain" is only part of it. "Offer it up" and "salvation through suffering" come into play as well!

Besides, we'll really enjoy the blossoms when they come out about 10 weeks from now!

Ironically (and freezingly) yours,
Mike Lutz