Thursday, December 1, 2011


Soon the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated here daily and not just sung about!

Pope approves Diocese buying Crystal Cathedral
The Associated Press
Posted: 11/30/2011 04:40:29 PM PST

GARDEN GROVE, Calif.—The Pope has signed off on a plan by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange to buy the shimmering Crystal Cathedral.

The Orange County Register ( reports Wednesday that the approval was the final hurdle for the diocese to buy the sprawling property for $57.5 million for use as a countywide cathedral.

The diocese beat out Orange County's Chapman University in a bidding war for the glass-paned building on the site that is home to the "Hour of Power" televangelist program.

The Crystal Cathedral sold the property after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year.

A federal bankruptcy court judge approved the sale on Nov. 17. A number of churchgoers wanted the university to buy the property and let them continue to worship there.


qwikness said...

It looks like something from the planet Krypton. What does the current Cathedral look like?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The current one is very blah, 1950's looking and small. They truly need a new one.

qwikness said...

I saw it. Maybe they can sell it to the Scientologists.

Henry Edwards said...

Surely, Fr. McDonald, the Pope has "signed off" -- in the sense of the pertinent Vatican office not vetoing -- on many things of which he would not approve on his own initiative. Indeed, many of the most commonly questioned OF practices may fall into this murky category. Think for instance, of Pope Paul VI's expressed opposition to communion on the hands, and of the permission for female altar servers -- which Pope John Paul II had resolved to prevent -- which was sent out worldwide by the CDW (without the usual official protocol number) while the pope was critically ill in the hospital -- and upon learning of it, he passed on the "scandal" of withdrawing a fait accompli.

Robert Kumpel said...

Well I guess I have to have ONE thing or two to dislike about the pope.

Templar said...

I really doubt he does (approve that is) in the sense that he thinks it's attractive. Not sure why the Pope needs to approve anything like that anyway....aren't the Bishops supposed to be Kings in their Diocese? Bet those Lawsuit Wielders in the Abuse Cases would love to know that the Vatican exercises such direct control over Diocesan Finances. Sure would help them bankrupt the whole Church that way instead of having to do it Diocese by Diocese.

Mr. C said...

When you are named rector of the OC Cathedral, and your beloved DM is unwilling to take the gig, please consider hiring me, sans interview.
I am a native northern Californian, Oaklander by disposition. I hate going over the grapevine much less traversing around the whole 10/I5/15/405 madness. But we could make this place so Catholic, I mean for the ages. I'll bring my organist, my wife, my dog, seven cats, my scooter, Harley and Dodge Magnum and we will chant, polyphonize and organ this joint into holy submission to all that is Catholic!
Together, we can make this work for the whole world to go agape!
Or you can stay in heaven (Macon, GA.) and I in....F-f-f-f-fresno.
C'mon padre, my life is coming down to you or Fr. Smith in SC whenever the heck he gets back from Gregorian U in Rome.
Whaddya say? Give an old chanter a hand.