Sunday, December 11, 2011


Although I always emphasize that the priest is really wearing Rose/Rosacea and not pink, this is Deacon Don Coates and me just prior to our Gaudete Sunday Mass at 9:30 AM this morning! Even though I'm 58 and Deacon Don is 66, but looks a bit younger, at least I don't use Just for Men!

And many of you know that Macon, Georgia has more cherry trees than Washington, DC and that we have a wonderful Cherry Blossom Festival every year. Pink is the color of the Cherry Blossom Festival and everything in Macon is decked out in pink and everyone has something pink to wear and the men all wear pink blazers. It's all very nice.

This year St. Joseph Church has been designated as the Church that will host the opening Worship Service for the Cherry Blossom Festival with our Mass on Sunday and many dignitaries will be in the Church and will hold a luncheon afterwards in our social hall.

Guess which Sunday that will be! It will be Sunday, March 18th and guess which Sunday that will be! Laetarae Sunday! And guess which vestments we'll wear! You guessed it! Cherry Blossom Pink!

And on top of that they are getting me a pink blazer (or should I ask for a pink cassock?) and I'm going to ride in the parade later that Sunday in a convertible wearing it! I can't wait.


Templar said...

And I wonder how many Catholics will think you're wearing the vestments because it's the Cherry Blossom festival and not Laetarae?

Unknown said...

A pink biretta!

Linda Faye said...

That's the beauty of Gaudete Sunday in Macon, GA., Father. All the men are prepared with rose/pink blazers! Just ask Syl Thuente! As for Mighty Mouse, beware! He's looking PUMPED and I don't think he'll be happy with a hunk 'o cheese. Maybe a nice rib roast will suffice! (the video is sure to give Fr. Justin nightmares)!

Br. Placidus Lee, OSB said...

I am prooud to say that my middle school religion students at least get it. At least one 6th grader expressed his displeasure of a priest having worn violet instead of rose this past Sunday. Makes a teacher proud!

William Meyer said...

As my pastor is inclined to say, you were "resplendent in rose". So on Sunday, you will be at least "hearty in heliotrope", aspiring to "holy in heliotrope."

My pastor did rescue from the outbound heap at the cathedral a fiddleback which is, sadly, pink. Truly pink. No way it can be rationalized to rose. Who on earth would invest in the expense of a fiddleback, and get pink?