Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hillenbrand's Sacred Heart Church post updated

Go down to my post: "THE MAGIC OF GOING BACK IN TIME VIA THE INTERNET AND GETTING ACCURATE DATA AND IMPRESSIONS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE POST VATICAN II CHURCH" and view what Hillenbrand's Church looks like today as I found photos of it; these are below the original look, Hillenbrand's 1950's renovation and today's renovation. Very interesting!


Joseph Johnson said...

Today, it looks like a mere shell of its former self--even the stark 1950's renovation is, in some ways, better than what is there now.

Also, notice that the arched side openings do not seem to be the full original height as compared to the oldest picture. Compare their height in relation to the capitals on the wall pillars (which have been there all along, now just painted beige instead of detailed in gold leaf). This could be one reason the place looks smaller than in the old picture.

Again, I don't have an art degree nor a degree in architecture, but I have always noticed that most modern attempts in recreating the look of the past usually fail because they lack the generous dimensions and proper proportions which seemed to be well understood in the pre-World War II era. I realize cost factors may be responsible for part of this but, still, higher roofs, ceilings, openings, and taller windows give older buildings a special feel that apparently we have difficulty replicating in the present (my soap box for the day . .).

James I. McAuley said...


"Holy Moses!," as Robin would say. The Church went from tolerably bad to worse! UUUGGHH! EEWWHH! Dreadful, repulsive, repugnant, repelling -- I do not think anyone can honestly say that the church as it presently stands is a glorious beautiful temple to house the holy sacrifice. I fail to see how this renovation squares with the intentions of the liturgical movement or Vatican II. While it is speculation, i do not think Hillenbrand would like this latest "renovation."

You have a beautiful church,Father, but to use an expression my from teenage years in the 80s, Hillenbrand's church, exclusive of the stain glass that is high enough to survive, is "butt ugly."

The one positive note, is that probably beneath the layers of paint, the original painting still exist,which can be restored at some future point. The stain glass window likely still exists behind that dreadful false wall.

Templar said...

Bleck. I thought the original renovation was a sin, the newer renovation is so awful as to defy words.

Carol H. said...

SPEECHLESS- and not in a good way.

I feel as though my soul were given a massive injection of novicaine.