It’s only a ‘problem’ for U.S. Catholics and Cardinal Raymond Burke, Bishop Sorondo said.

My comments:

This Vatican bishop in a high place there has the audacity to state that the only ones that should be denied Holy Communion are those publicly excommunicated from the Church.

Then he adds, or, there is a censure placed against them because of grave public scandal.

He gave Holy Communion to the pro-abortion Argentinian president and his mistress. Let's take the politics out of the abortion question and rely simply on religious sentiments and canon law.

1. Isn't a person who cooperates and promotes abortion excommunicated automatically, without a formal decree from his bishop?

2. This president is "living in sin" and publicly so with his mistress. Wouldn't that place a censure against him for the very reason that offering him and his mistress Holy Communion is gravely scandalous??????

3. Would he be allowed to teach First Holy Communion to a Second Grade CCD class?