Friday, February 7, 2020


Praytell has a post today entitled:

I’m not trying to Google “Extraordinary Form of the Mass” 


This is where I am in her article:

 But try Googling “Roman Catholic Mass.”  Look at the images, and what do you find?
  • Of the first 15 images, 6 are images of the presider, ad orientum
  • 9 of them show the presider flanked by an all-male entourage [that is, no female altar servers]
  • 10 show an image of the presider at the altar during the Eucharistic Prayer
  • 6 images show an elevated host and/or chalice.
Now, please know I have no issues with traditional church spaces, and I quite agree that
 Eucharistic Praying is unquestionably worthy of symbolizing “the Mass.”  I do take issue with the focus on the presider alone, with the maleness (and whiteness) of the assisting ministers, the absolute absence of the gathered Body of Christ, and the clear preponderance of images of Mass in a form other than that which is universally practiced as our Roman Catholic Eucharistic liturgy, also know as “the Ordinary Form.”

My Comments:

Yes, if you google Roman Catholic Mass for photos, the EF Mass is predominant and many of the photos are photos of yours truly celebrating it at St. Joseph Church in Macon. In fact the one above was not an EF Mass, but an OF Mass celebrated Ad Orientem and for the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19, the patron of the parish I was at in Macon. I think that photo would have been aroun 2009 or 2010.

So, my only gripe with Ms. Harmon is that you can see the congregation in the photo she chose; The Liturgy of the Word was as normal in this Ordinary Form Mass celebrated Ad Orientem, with a female lector more than likely.

And let me say it again, it is an Ordinary Form Mass!

But let me say this to Ms. Harmon, "good luck in trying to change google searches."


Carol H. said...

The poor woman got it wrong all the way around. One of those servers is NOT anglo, he is from the Philippines!

John said...

The Mass is about offering the sacrifice of the Son to the Father. You need a Priest to do this--you do not need a congregation. We the people join our prayers to the prayers of the Priest. Presider is a pice of woke-Catholic vocabulary, a term of spiritual aggression. Never forget that the sacrifice of the Mass is offered by the priest not in his own person but in the person of Christ, hence, we call the Priest alter Christus.

Lady, the Mass is not about you but about the the Father and the Son together with the Holy Spirit.

Gene said...

This woman has an axe to grind and a chip on her shoulder...and, remember, a chip on the shoulder indicates wood higher up.

Bob said...

She should not dispair. When google reads her complaint, they will cook search results in a heartbeat to send folk exactly where they want them sent. This SOP for thwm.

And why I do not use them, but instead use duckduckgo. They do not play with searches and nor do they track users.

rcg said...

Well, Father, you are now being used as a training aide for target identification. You may not have intended to pick a side but it looks like one got picked for you. Might as well go all in if you’re gonna be thrown in.

Anonymous said...

I tend to ignore Praytell which is geared to liberals who are convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I think you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the complaining at Praytell about the wrong sort of images always coming up in Google searches. All those priests, all those men! All those altars and so forth!

In other words, somehow the Google algorithms realize what is the essence of Holy Mass, and that is the offering of a sacrifice -- hence that dominates in searches, not images of people praying or reading, as important as those things are.