Saturday, February 15, 2020


Just found these photos on the internet. Memories, good and bad! When I arrived in Macon in 2004, the parish had embarked on a very major $3 million complete restoration of St. Joseph Church. We replaced a horrible freestanding altar with one that matched the art of the church, enlarged the altar area, placed the altar railing in a more accessible place, replastered, reguilded and redecorated the church, added an elevator and bathroom to a narthex. Every exquisite German Meyer stained glass window was removed and fully restored.

I had completely removed the altar railing in 2004 (thankfully keeping it stored in a basement) and restored it to its new and very accessible location in 2015! Additional railing had to be fabricated, matching the old perfectly. As well, the bronze gates, two center and one side were thrown out in the 70’s. But one was kept. New gates were fabricated that matched the original ones EXACTLY!


Anonymous said...

"Bronze" gates, or brass?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, brass not bronze.

Colton Lowder said...

Such a beautiful Church! The first truely beautiful Catholic Church I ever saw, as a convert born and raised in the Deep South. My wife and I were married there this past November, in the TLM/ EF. Thank you Father for the groundwork you laid that made that even possible!