Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Compassion Christian Church is the second largest mega church in Savannah (The Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah being the largest by far). They have several campuses in the Savannah area and are sending my next door neighbor who works for them on a Mission trip to Poland of all places.

My next door neighbor and his wife work for the Church. I have to hand it to Protestant Evangelicals, they know how to reach out to the churched in Catholic countries and prosyletize them. They call it evangelization.

I found this on a shared Facebook page. I deleted the names in order to protect the innocent.

What do you think about these evangelization endeavors?

Our Family goes to
Zakosciele, Poland
June 12-21, 2020 
TOTAL RAISED$570 of $10,000

About My Trip

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in prayer and financial support! You are playing an important part of God's plan to send (one of our families) to the mission field. 

Our team will participate in a week of service, community development and outreach. We will help our partners at Proem host a festival they call Kontakt in the city of Piotrkow where they have recently planted a church. The team will reach out to this community by doing acts of service and hosting sports, art & crafts and worship events. We have a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Poland!

In addition to sending us to Poland for our Mission Trip, $800 of these funds will also be used for (a family member) to do a summer-long Videography Internship with Proem. This amazing opportunity right out of High School will not only serve the community and series of summer camps, but will provide (him) priceles experience, building upon his Audio, Video, Technology and Film Pathway education he received throughout his Richmond Hill High School years. 

About Compassion Christian Church Global Outreach

For the Glory of God, we will train, equip, send, and support disciples leading people to a life changing connection with Jesus Christ.

We desire to contribute to the completion of the Great Commission by:
- Aggressively praying for global evangelism
- Resourcing church planting movements
- Mobilizing equipped national church leaders
- Exponentially growing the numbers of CCC members involved in global outreach


Dan said...

As we know, proselytizing is now a serious sin....

Robert Kumpel said...

God have mercy on these poor folks if they run into Father Dawid!

Victor said...

"...leading people to a life changing connection with Jesus Christ."

How often does the Novus Ordo Mass contribute to this for Catholics? The recent discouraging polls concerning belief in the real presence of God in the Eucharist should answer that question. Without that belief, the Mass is a mere fellowship meeting like an encounter or support group with prayers added, but no passionate evangelisation.
Before Vatican II it was thought preposterous that American Protestant Evangelism would grow much in Latin America; but with oodles of American money and the betrayal of the pious faithful stemming from Vatican II, we can now actually wonder how long Catholicism will survive there. Poland may be next if something is not done about the Novus Ordo and, yes, prosletysing which was part of the defensive character of the Catholic Church following the Council of Trent until it was done away with after Vatican II in favour of the Church joining the enemy, that is Protestants and the godless world.

Anonymous said...

So Victor says Protestants are the enemy? OK. That might explain why Kelly Loeffler, the new senator from Georgia, is hiding her religion in her commercials (bragging about being a "devout Christian"---without specifying the specific denomination). Probably not a good idea to label Protestants the enemy in a state where they outnumber Catholics, especially in rural Georgia. Her Republican opposition this November is Congressman Doug Collins, Baptist minister and lawyer (and there are 3 Democrats in our "jungle primary"). Her ads also omit that she originally is from Illinois---guess doesn't want voters to know she is from Yankeeland!

Carol H. said...

Fr. Dawid was at St Joseph Church in Macon last Sunday. I don't know if he is on vacation, or if he is back.

Paul McCarthy said...

Father, I thought you didn’t like proselytizing?

Amen Victor.

Kelly Loefller is an establishment hack. Her commercials make me laugh. Barely in office two months and she’s saved the republic single-handedly. I don’t mix my religion and politics. If I did I would be a godless Democrat.

In Savannah said...

If we did a better job of evangelizing our own, there would be no need (perceived or otherwise) for the Protestants. I think learning about these things is good for us. Wake up!

Православный физик said...

Babushka should give them a talking to once they get to Poland....When I can find it, I'll link a video of a Ukrainian babushka giving the cold hard truth to one of these "missionaries"