Tuesday, February 4, 2020


To be honest with you, I find ordaining permanent deacons who are married to the priesthood in the Amazon or anywhere else less scandalous than ordaining married Protestant ministers as Catholic priests who aren't even Confirmed let alone ordained. Did you know that most married Protestant ministers must first receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and then be "reordained" a deacon and then a priest. But first they must recieve candidacy, acolyte and reader.

Every permanent deacon has received Confirmation and the other "ministries" required for ordination and most are life long fully initiated Catholics.

So there was hysteria generated on the far right blogs about Pope Francis going ahead and ordaining married deacons as priests and it was described as a collapse of celibacy.

But now the far right blog Rorate Caeli reports this and one wonders is it fake news too?

'Exclusive: Francis “is not opening up” to viri probati and the priesthood for married men'

Bruno Volpe
La Fede Quotidiana
February 2, 2020

La Fede Quotidiana has learned of an important fact relating to the coming papal document on the subject of the Amazon. And this fact, unless modified at the last moment, contradicts what has been recently reported concerning a text in which a yes is given to viri probati and the married priesthood. Those who saw this text two days ago (it will almost certainly be presented on February 12) said that the two hotly debated categories are not mentioned in the document and thus there is no official opening up [to them].


Victor said...

We can thank Cdl Sarah and the pope emeritus for this change of tactic regarding the viri probati. As long as B16 is alive, Francis has a huge stumbling block against his neo-Modernist agendum and that of his hand-picked executives.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet that that the majority of priests in the Personal Ordinariates who converted from Anglicanism are married men. But men who were single after their conversion must remain celibate if they wish to pursue the priesthood. Exceptions are made all the time. I personally knew a priest back in New York who got permission from his bishop to adopt two handicapped young boys. I wonder if they called him, "Father Father." There was a woman in our RCIA program who wanted to get married in the Church, so at the Mass where she was baptized, confirmed and received her First Holy Communion, she was also married, although they probably should have kept the initiation and marriage separate ceremonies. The celebrant was the priest-father.