Saturday, May 14, 2022


 This is a great journalistic article, which are quite rare today:

“Questioned, deaf to criticism...” -- A Tense "End of Reign" Climate in Francis' Vatican

“Questioned, deaf to criticism...” The end of a lonely reign for Pope Francis

Le Figaro
Jean-Marie Guénois
May 13, 2022

Francis listens but likes to decide alone at the risk of isolation.

ROME - Never before has Pope Francis faced such adversity. In this year 2022, the tenth of his pontificate, everything seems to be conspiring against him. Rome, always quick to burn what it adores, is in turmoil. Some discern a mature phase of the pontificate. Others see an "end of reign", according to an expression common in the Eternal City. Many are already thinking about what comes next. But Francis, 85 years old and very combative, is far from having said his last word. A great worldwide Christian jubilee is in sight for 2025. Above all, he is preparing his major reform: that of "synodality" for 2024.


TJM said...

I read it, an excellent article.

rcg said...

The most important result of his pontificate and in the article is the last paragraph wherein it shows how he has guaranteed the continuation of his changes and policies. With 2/3 of the cardinals created by Pope Francis, there is only hope for the influence of any tradition or sanity.

Michael A said...

Should a pope be so concerned with his personal appearance and humiliation, as Francis is described? I like how the foolish adherence to liberal orthodoxy leads a person to have to confront its irrational realities. The description of Francisco's pacifism and his inability to speak clearly on the Ukraine War is a nice example of what happens when you believe in nonsense.