Thursday, May 5, 2022


 This is a photo of me giving little Patrick May his First Holy Communion at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta circa 1994:

Today little Patrick May is Father Patrick May and soon to begin  his 4th years of priesthood. He is being named vocation director for our diocese, a position I held at the time of this photo (was so, for about 11 years). 

He is taking residence at Saint Joseph Church in Macon where I was pastor for 12 years. St. Joseph Church is getting a new pastor, Fr. John Johnson from Augusta too. I was a concelebrating priest at his First Holy Communion at St. Joseph Church in Augusta in May of 1988 when little Johnny Johnson as well as my nephew, Johnny, were making their First Holy Communion. In addition to that, little Kevin O’Keefe made his first Holy Communion at that same Mass. This was the same church were I made my first Holy Communion in May of 1961. Little Kevin O’Keefe today is Father Kevin O’Keefe, a priest for about seven or eight years now. 

You can’t make this stuff up!

And this is little Patrick May last Sunday at our Cathedral Basilica’s Traditional Latin Mass proving that receiving Holy Communion in the hand doesn’t automatically thwart orthodox priestly vocations!


TJM said...

It shows that he, like you, matured in the Faith! Congratulations. I suspect he will be around when Custodes Traditiones is revoked or universally ignored.

V for Vendee said...

Father May is the best and one heck of a homilist as well.

I hope to see him back at the Cathedral one day as the Rector.

TJM said...

How many men have been ordained under the inspiration of Father “You Know Who?”