Tuesday, May 3, 2022


This is from a Today Show segment and I must say I was impressed with how the reporter spoke about The Blessed Sacrament and the Body and Blood of Christ until he quoted something about symbolic grape juice.

But, giving the pandemic producing and exacerbating common chalice to a child for her First Holy Communion shows little common sense liturgically or scientifically during a pandemic. 

That the child is allowed to chug the Precious Blood with the accident of alcohol remaining to the priest’s slow response and giggles, is something else altogether. This simply would not happen in the Ancient Roman Missal Mass.

Compare that cute and “funny” experience of receiving one’s First Holy Communion to these two photos from this past Sunday at Saint Anne’s in Richmond Hill, Georgia:


TJM said...

Another hell destined “priest!”

ByzRus said...

"Symbolic". And there you have it.

Poor preparation. Failure of the priest to safeguard the sacrament. Why do Roman priests have such a difficult time executing their responsibilities made so plain in black and white, driven by tradition or, effected by common sense? What steps is his bishop taking to mitigate and prevent such a recurrence? There will be some, perhaps here, who chastise me for being scrupulous, "po-faced", however, father failed to ensure the sacraments were administered with dignity. This child, who wouldn't otherwise know better, should have been prepared to not "throw it back" with a crowd and a camera recording the incident. Why intinction or, for us in the East, the spoon is so important to ensure control over the distribution.

What kills me is the internet is awash with vested priests doing stupid and foolish things with s#!t-eating grins on their faces and it doesn't seem to help things get better. The Roman Church has really become an embarrassment in many places negating the pockets of hope like St. Anne's.

While I've been chided for being "po-faced" in reaction to the periodic poor behavio that has found its way into this blog (keyboard warrior insults, general disrespect, arrogance pretentiousness, overstepping one's bounds), the Slavic tendency to be stoical and the resulting seriousness within the Byzantine Church and Orthodox Churches toward the sacred liturgy results in us rarely to never having moments such as these.

TJM said...


But remember the EF is the problem!

Part of this is generational. Younger Catholic priests are generally orthodox and traditional. My pastor is 32 and wears a cassock on Church grounds, says Mass in Latin once a week and uses the Roman Canon on Sundays. It is the plus 60 priests where you find the problems. This too shall pass although they continue to cause harm to the Faith so long as they are active

ByzRus said...


I agree with you in principle however, the problems seem so ingrained as to seem hopeless to rectify. The goofy wedding priest is by no means the youngest, or the oldest. Where the newly married in our churches might be presented with an icon to join their crowns in the home (if they bought their own for the occasion), this priest is handing out cutesy prizes like something the claw would pull out of the bin at those machines that are in the lobbies of diners. Can the Roman presbyterate not only attract serious men, and then, those who aren't flakes? If my boss and theirs and theirs etc. were this childish/goofy...whatever you want to call it, no one would take them seriously. I can just hear some ninny breathlessly saying "but father just makes everythng so much fun!" I doubt the "fearsome judgement seat of the Lord" will be this level of knee-slapping joy. This just seems like yet another loon on the way to getting the signed pieces of paper the Church prefers people to now have for sacraments received once/first. Even this couple seems to be a little on the "well alrighty then " side of the equation watching their body language in reaction to these antics. Mind boggling.