Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Read this news article and then my comments below the headline:

Liturgy must lead to awe, unity, mission, pope says

 This pope has a tendency to destroy the good parts of his trips and talks by adding silly bad parts that sours the whole thing, especially his off-the-cuff remarks which often are incomprehensible. 

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I love both forms of the Mass as Pope Emeritus Benedict called them, the, EF and OF.

I had hoped with time the good things of both liturgies would be married into a single new rite promulgated for the entire Latin Rite Church.

I have written before and write again that the Ordinariate's Divine Worship, the Missal is the template or starting point for this organically developed reformed in continuity Roman Missal.

It is one thing to speak of liturgy leading to awe, but it is useless speaking unless examples are given.

And the example is the awe and reverence of the Ancient Roman Missal.

Why not call out the problems with the Novel Roman Missal and mock those problems and those who promote them? Incomprehensible, no?

Active and Actual participation are good and should be encouraged has the pope has done

And of course, the mission of the Church and each baptized Catholic is clearly enunciated in Church teaching and in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. 

What is unnecessary and has caused such a distraction and hurt is denigrating Catholics who love the previous form of the Mass and calling them closed minded, stunted people to be mock and ridiculed. It is unbecoming of the pope who is to be the source of ecclesial union in the Church to mock faithful Catholics while allowing all sorts of other truly distressing ecclesial disruptions to flourish without a comment or negative word.

I am not sure what to make about formalities and formalism. It seems that most liturgists today, some 60 years after Vatican II, would see  the casual approached to the reformed liturgy as a detriment, not a virtue.

The pope as usual, leaves us scratching our head over his incoherent thoughts and language.


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