Friday, May 13, 2022


Seemed like 100 children to me but closer to 40…


TJM said...

Nice to see a young priest in a cassock! It impressed me as a child and still does.

TJM said...

Maybe home schooling is not a bad choice after all. Here is an example of how bad public schools have become:

"A Wisconsin mom shared her horror after her 13 year-old son was accused of sexual harassment for refusing to refer to a non-binary schoolmate with 'they/them' pronouns.

Rosemary Rabidoux hit out after her son Bradon became one of three eighth grade schoolboys at Kiel Middle School subjected to an ongoing probe.

It was triggered after they chose not to use the gender neutral pronoun for their unidentified classmate, who they instead referred to using 'she' and her'.

Things appear to have escalated quickly with the school district now filing a Title IX complaint against the students, accusing them of sexual harassment for using the 'incorrect' pronouns."

Just another day in the life of the Party of "Tolerance."