Friday, May 6, 2022



Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, seemed possessed as she became unhinged over the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade and reducing greatly her promotion of a woman and her hitman’s legal right to kill children. Her rantings stirred up an insurrectionist mentality in her followers threatening in a physical and deadly way, the Supreme Court, a kind of pro-choice killing of them like the killing of innocent babies for which they demonically advocate.

In addition to this, these radical and seemingly possessed pro-abortion democrats are inciting violence and death against Catholics and their churches.

When will the Catholic Church name the Democrat Party an anti-Catholic institution and threaten with excommunication Catholics who adhere to its doctrine? 

This is from Fox News:

Pro-abortion activists are targeting Catholic churches for protests on Mother's Day, with some citing the Roman Catholic faith of multiple justices who reportedly at one point supported the leaked draft opinion striking down Roe v. Wade.

The protests follow days of organizing in front of the Supreme Court building following the leak Monday night – protests that led the Washington, D.C., police to erect a fence ostensibly to protect the building and justices within. Fox News has also learned that there has been a strong police presence at the justices' homes following the leak. 


Thomas Garrett said...

We are witnessing the death throes of civilization.

A lot of people might resent reading this, but the Democrats and the Republicans need each other. BOTH parties HAD (note the past tense) something important to offer our nation. That appears to be gone, as now the only objective is utter and total domination, sadly, that seems more pervasive from the left.

What I am about to write is grossly oversimplified, but I am trying to make my point quickly.

The conservative principles are sound. However taken without some sort of intervention, human nature being what it is, conservative economics utterly unregulated can lead to unbridled greed. Conservative social policies can, unfortunately morph into something rather exclusionary.

Liberal principles also have their place. It is a good thing to wish to help people who are less privileged. It is important to remember that all of us have equal value in the eyes of God.

When these two parties listened to each other and worked together, it was like having a two-parent, somewhat functional family. But divorce has set in.

If we live with Dad (the conservatives) every concern about the environment is utterly disregarded, social programs are just waste and we need not bother because, of course, "everyone knows" that you have to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps. He keeps us safe though, although he tends to look at everyone outside our neighborhood as potential criminals.

If we live with Mom (the liberals) we have to put up with her abusive live-in boyfriends (sexual perversion as a "civil right", abortion on demand, mom's compulsive shopping habits (spending and spending and spending with the erroneous belief that social programs can fix any problem). And she has let the neighborhood go to hell, ignoring the homeowners association, by letting hoodlums and drug dealers move in next door to us and defending them.

And no matter which parent we choose to live with, we have to listen to them curse, abuse and badmouth the other relentlessly until we can't stand it any more.

There's just one problem. Mom's favorite boyfriends are criminals. One of them, Moloch wants to kill children any time for any reason and get us to pay for it. The other, Sodom, wants utter sexual license and acceptance--no SLOBBERING APPROVAL--for every perversity the human mind can manufacture. The third one, Nero, wants to blame everything on Dad, and not just defeat him, but make it illegal for him to ever talk to the kids and jail him for "subversion" and riot and destroy, blaming it all on Dad. And all three of them sanctimoniously scream and vilify dad for his intolerance.

I used to live with Mom. I reached the point that I had to move in with Dad, because I couldn't take the evil that penetrated every inch of Mom's house.

I really wish mom would kick out her abusive boyfriends. but they seem to have corrupted her mind and totally taken over.

For now, I'm staying with Dad.

We really could use a two-parent functioning family. But I have a terrible feeling that it's never gonna happen. My biggest fear is that they are going to burn each other's houses down and we'll be left with no place to live.

As hateful as it sounds, Dad's going to have to beat the daylights out of mom's abusive boyfriends and get rid of them once and for all. But we have to be careful. We can't hate the boyfriends. We have to hate what they stand for and stop putting up with it.

Why? They didn't like what dad did and instead of dealing with their disagreements, they just hated dad and now they've become more hateful than ever.

Can anyone smell the kerosene yet?

James E Dangerfield said...

I’m sorry Father, but it’s hard to take you seriously when you cannot even manage the decency to call the (currently) left-leaning major party by its correct name: the Democratic Party. Maybe you want people to think you have no education and are incapable of avoiding name-calling?

It’s childish and stupid; it undermines your position by silly insults that prove absolutely nothing.

If the possibility of overturning Roe shows us anything, it is that this isn’t anywhere near where we want to be. You can spend your time name calling and be very popular among the rabble, but babies are dying at the hands of their mothers and will continue to do so. Maybe you might take the last weeks of your active pastorate to actually PREACH and EVANGELIZE about how it is absolutely evil to KILL!

Or you can call names. You pick, preacher.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

James, in my homilies, where it isn't allowed for people to respond right then and there, I have often and regularly in my 43 years of ordination called people to conversion as it regards the slaughter of innocent children in their mother's womb and without name calling. I have also been a part of Rachel's Projection offering healing, consolation and the Sacrament of Penance to repentant mothers and others involved in the killing of unborn children.

On this blog, you can respond and I seldom delete comments. I say Democrat, you say Democratic; I say Catholic; you say Roman Catholic of the Latin Rite. Some just say RC or Rome.

And yes, I do believe that those who promote abortion as a right are influenced by Satan if not possessed by him. And it was Pope Francis who described mother and others hiring hit men to kill unborn babies.

James E Dangerfield said...

Your name is “Allan.” I suppose it wouldn’t be rude to refer to you as, say, “Alli”? Your name is Allan. If I were to be on a first-name basis with you, I surely wouldn’t change your name — until and unless you used it yourself, gave me permission to use it AND it wasn’t a pejorative in any event. For example, say a “Sam” out there wanted to be called “Sambo.” I don’t think I could do it because no matter what I meant, the listener would hear a slur.

The only name we need to call the Democrats is wrong, in so far as they disregard human life.

Having been the founding publisher of a right-wing paper in college, I learned for sure that I only actually got points across where I careful, precise and courteous in what I said or allowed to be published. The cheeky stuff was fun, but quickly disregarded. At least one academic piece that argued in favor of single sex education in public settings got picked up nationally.

I spent a lot of time on both kinds of material. Only now, I wish I’d not squandered my chances to actually persuade by behaving myself.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually, while I don't particularly care for it, I have been called Al before and even big Al for that matter. Also, my father whose first name was Donald was called Mac and it stuck. I have a first cousin Donald who is Don and Donny.

And yes, my Italian mother Italianized my name and called me Alli or more specifically and phonically spelled Ahhh--Lay. She was the only one who could do that and get away with it though.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I was corrected by an acquaintance who told me his name was William and I inadvertently called him Bill. Thank God I did not call him Billy, because I exercise with him at the gym and he could easily crush me!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I must say that it does seem odd for you to want me to call Senator Elizabeth Warren a Democratic rather than a Democrat.

And I know well that the pejorative use of democrat to describe this political party is a political statement, like Obama Care was and in a negative way. But then President Obama and other Democratics redeemed the word to turn the table on its opponents and its negative use and used it as a positive.

They could do the same for democrat party also.

James E Dangerfield said...

Call them “The Democratic Party” as is their name and then attack and kill as necessary. Methinks it more effective. No distractions. Abortion is serious business. It’s business that’s not about the woman at all — it’s about the baby. It’s about the baby who goes into the clinic alive and comes out dead. This really shouldn’t sound in the “right of privacy,” if it exists, but in the realm of the babies’ right to live.

The Democratic Party, under that exact name, is antithetical to the idea that this class of human beings have the right to live. We don’t need to call them names to shame them. Their actual name will do. They own it. And they totally miss the point.

Flannery O’Connor used the phrase, “You can’t be any poorer than dead.”

Thomas Garrett said...

Methinks Mr. Dangerfield is wasting a lot of time and energy taking up reasons to be offended.

James E Dangerfield said...

Mr Garrett, I'd have to be a Democrat or an adherent to the Democratic Party to find it offensive. Thanks, though, for telling me otherwise. Call them all names if you must. Tell them they are really, really bad. They might believe you, but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, unless hearts and minds are changed, abortion continues. Now that starts getting onto what's actually offensive.

TJM said...

Democrat Party or Democratic Party, it's still the Party of Intrinsic Evil. Pius XI we need you now!

rcg said...

Sambo- I har a distant relative named “Sambo Bigger”. How assonance will get you killed.

the Egyptian said...

Watch your step Fr or you might get the Fr Altman treatment, Francis loves his libs, hammer and sickle fix, pachamama, and lots of confusing synodality.
Fr Altman was the parish priest of my uncle and aunt, they really liked him, said the parish was growing and financially doing well. However there was a group of real libs in the parish (mostly older retired women supposedly) who just couldn't stand him. Too divisive, where have we heard that before? Anyway according to my uncle a sizable part of the parishioners have left and attend the SSPX chapel nearby and have no intention of ever going back, period. really helped the church didn't it?

Thomas Garrett said...

I would counter by reminding you that the SSPX ARE part of the Church too. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have the traditional Mass any longer.

TJM said...

The Egyptian,

Father Altman was “Karened” - sad. Remember, under PF “mercy” is a one way street

Michael A said...

I mentioned this previously that it was Ronald Reagan who instructed the Republican party to no longer refer to the Democrats as Democratic, because as he said they are anything but democratic. Made sense to me back in 1980 and even more so today. No name calling is involved, it is an effective political tool to deny them the privilege of using the term for their benefit. People are dumb enough to equate democratic with Democratic and professional liars know this, so they enjoy the political edge it gives them. What is childish is to not understand this and kick and scream about it.

TJM said...

I have liberal friends who are now telling me the Party has moved too far to the left for them. So for the first time they will be voting Republican. I think they are also shocked how Biden's economic policies are wreaking havoc on the working poor. But Barbra Streisand is happy

Thomas Garrett said...

TJM said...

Here is where the Party of Intrinsic Evil stands on Roe:

"Schumer called the draft decision an "abomination," noting that a majority of Americans want to preserve the right to have an abortion and women's heath care."

This position will make it harder for bishops and priests to confront the reality of their vote. Kind of like that moment in The Cardinal when the cardinal archbishop of Vienna recognized the evil of giving the nazi salute.

Thomas Garrett said...

One can't help but notice that the bishops--not all, but certainly the majority of them--are absolutely SILENT right now.

This is THE social issue for Catholics of our lifetime. We are on the cusp of a major victory (albeit not total) and we get....crickets.

Why aren't they asking more of us to pray an extra rosary or do something to plead with the Almighty that this decision comes down and removes the Constitutional protection that has shamed our nation since 1973?

They've put far more energy into decrying any "intolerance" of sodomy or "climate justice" concerns than they have for this.

Speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, listen to the crickets chirp.

TJM said...

The Archbishop of San Fran needs to go after Pelosi. Priests and bishops can no longer deny that the Dem Party’s raison d’etre is abortion based on Pelosi’s outrageous comments on the leaked decision. Dems are so violent that Justice Alito and his family have been moved to a safe location. So much for civility and tolerance

TJM said...

Thomas Garrett, here is another example of the depraved Democratic Party:

"MSNBC guest Laurie Kilmartin had the network’s hosts cracking up when she announced that she wants to “make sweet love” to the person who leaked the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade opinion — “and joyfully abort our fetus.”
The 56-year-old writer for Conan O’Brien is a single mother to a teenage boy."

I wonder if we could shame the USCCB with this?

Sophia said...

Sophia Here: "When will the Catholic Church name the Democrat Party an anti-Catholic institution...."?
-At their Fall Meeting, 69 Bishops (1/3) vote "no' to abortion being identified as the pre-eminent issue of the 2020 elections. Cardinal Cupich had referred to a Pope Francis document that cautioned against any one issue being more important than another. All those Bishops and likely more, were probably among the 50% of Catholics who voted for Joe Biden who would advocate for codification of an extreme abortion "rights" law which would be binding on all the states!
-Pope Francis urged Bishops to be "pastoral rather than political" as they debated how to officially respond to the public spectacle of pro-abortion Catholic Democrat politicians like President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and many others continuing to sacrilegiously, brazenly receive Holy Communion. Of course to refuse them this Holy Sacrament would have been the pastoral thing to do (out of concern for their immortal souls) as well as consistent with the applicable Code in Canon Law! But he twisted it around to imply that doing so would actually be political!

Sophia said...

Sophia says:Contd
-Pope Francis very publicly, joyfully received Speaker Pelosi then Mr. Biden to the Vatican in October 2021 just ahead of the USCCB meeting in November when the Bishops would issue their final decision on the matter! Mr. Biden even said that the pope had called him a "good Catholic" and told him to continue to receive Holy Communion! The message to the Bishops was even more public and unmistakable than the be "pastoral rather than political" one.
- The Bishops issued their document on the worthy reception of Holy Communion but conspicuously left out the names of offending politicians. They left it up to each Bishop to make the decision for his own Diocese just as the USCCB had disobediently done years earlier! 
- it is quite clear. All too many in the Hierarchy are not good shepherds but just "hirelings" or even  "wolves in shepherds' clothing"! 
So my answer to your question is obvious, Father. It caused me great anguish to write this so close to Good Shepherd Sunday, but it has caused me infinitely more anguish to know that this is the reality!

Continue to Pray for Holy Mother Church! Pax!

TJM said...


I think we have lost millions of Catholics because since Roe V Wade bishops and priests have been speaking out of both sides of their mouths. At some point, the ordinary Catholic says, well if they don't take abortion seriously enough to discipline or excommunicate some pro abortion politicians, why should we hang around and support them to the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. They will pay a steep price when they face their end.

TJM said...

Father K - Janet Yellen said abortion is good for the economy! You would think that Yellen, a Jewish woman, would not be on the side of Black genocide! Now figure out how you will spin this

Mark said...

Now, that’s a really bad hair day.

Mark said...

Also, fake photo shopped one assumes.

Mark said...

Perhaps the photo is an attempt to drop our old friend from the January 6 riot, the Q-Anon Shaman (he actually did wear that headdress and paint his face), down the memory hole, or another instance of projection, or both. But some of us remember January 6 wasn’t just a peaceful stroll through the Capitol!

How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?