Monday, May 16, 2022


We have seen over and over again mass murders. Putin of Russia, a truly evil person, is murdering untold numbers of Ukrainians and his own soldiers are dying because of him. But, Democrats should give him a pass because he is making a choice to eliminate a threat to him and his security. 

In my most humble opinion, I now believe the Democratic Party is a dangerous party, similar to the KKK and other radical groups that no Catholic should join. I think, like the Masons, the KKK, Neo Nazis, this organization should be forbidden to Catholics.

We see the true ideology of the Democratic Party as they become unhinged over a leaked document from the Supreme Court that indicates Roe v Wade might, I emphasize, might, be overturned. 

Democrats, like the mayor of New York, but others too, most of them, btw, say that it is a woman’s right to choose an abortion up to the day of birth from a full term pregnancy. Others, even more radical, allow for the choice to murder the baby if it survives a day of birth, 9 month pregnancy, abortion. 

What is the difference between what happened to black shoppers at a grocery store in Buffalo by a compromised teenager radicalized by the racist hate groups he admired and perhaps was a member? 

He “allegedly” chose to kill those who are a perceived a threat to him and his ideology, his way of life, his economic security. 

Let’s call abortion for what it is: hatred of another person, both their body and soul and a threat to one’s way of life in whatever fashion that person wants to live it without another person invading their space.

And let’s talk about the abortion industry and the money they receive for being the hit men as Pope Francis calls them. Are they any less radical than the hate and racist groups that motivated the teenager in Buffalo to do such a heinous, evil and immoral act against another human person(s)?

Let’s call for abortion to be labeled a HATE CRIME. Do I hear an “amen”?


James E Dangerfield said...

I’m pretty sure the Buffalo guy wasn’t interested in abortion; if he was, then obviously he’s in favor of it. What does seem clear is that this fellow was motivated by pure hateful racism. Most abortions only kill one at a time. Abortion is the number one societal evil we face simply because of its ubiquity. Mass murder in the name of whiteness has to be a close number two?

Do you really think the Democrats are to blame for Buffalo?

How about the Lindbergh baby? Was it VP John Nance Garner who killed him?

One thing we might try to do is stop the hating. Right here.

TJM said...

Well many of these pro abortion protestors do run around acting like little demons, that’s for sure. But let’s start with Church leadership, starting with the Pope. Has he applauded the leaked decision? Has he reached out to Biden and Pelosi reminding them of their duties as Catholics? Do we have Catholic bishops and priests threatening the Democrat Party with loss of Catholic votes? What about women religious, like the nuns on the bus? The Church’s collective inaction makes them enablers of this holocaust which, by the way, disproportionately affects Blacks.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

BOTH are the culture of death with its own demonic logic no matter the organization of inspiration. I fully support the seamless prolife garment of Church moral and social teachings.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."And let’s talk about the abortion industry and the money they receive for being the hit men as Pope Francis calls them."

God has commanded us to submit to Pope Francis' awesome authority to teach, govern, and sanctify us.

Unfortunately, there are Catholics (and non-Catholics) who refuse to be taught, governed, and sanctified by Pope Francis. They believe that it is fine, and without consequence, to ignore Pope Francis' Magisterium.

The consequence of that, in regard to the topic at hand, is that a great many folks, within, and without, the Church, refuse to obey Pope Francis' Culture of Life teachings.

Said folks support horrific satanic "hitmen" who murder unborn babies.

Jesus Christ speaks through Pope Francis. Thanks to the promise of Jesus Christ, Pope Francis' Magisterium will not fail.

Therefore, I pray that pro-abortion folks will flee Satan.

Instead, via Pope Francis, may they remain close to Jesus Christ.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


What has PF concretely done! NOTHING. See my comments.

Tom Makin said...

While some of this rhetoric is a bit extreme, it does take things to their somewhat outrageous but nonetheless logical, conclusion. What this aptly points out is the Democrat's obvious incongruence and inconsistency; a want to "have their cake and eat it too". I absolutely agree with the notion that abortion is a hate crime and the Democrat Party, as it stands today, is a "KKK", "neo-nazi", "Kill by choice, Putin aligned" group who cares not a wit for the people they so ardently try to convince us they do. Just as the church today would say, without hesitation, a Catholic cannot, in good conscious or prudential judgement, align with a white supremist or otherwise racist candidate, it is beyond high time our church stop playing patty fingers with the Democrats and call this out as well. Enough Pope Francis. No more with Pachamama, climate change, meetings to talk about meetings, etc. Get back, if you ever were there, to your mandate; teach, govern and sanctify on matters of the faith.

Michael A said...

2000 years ago there was a group of people who screamed, "Give us Barabbas". Who would those people be today? Hint, in this country the name of the group starts with a D.

Michael A said...

James E.

When has there been mass murder in the name of whiteness?

TJM said...

Tom Makin,

What is truly sickening and reprehensible is that some bishops and priests vote for this Party of Death.

TJM said...

Michael A,

Well I do know of one instance of mass murder in the name of blackness: Waukesha Wisconsin last winter by a BLM supporter, who ran down and killed grandmothers and children participating in a Christmas Parade. Of course, the media memory holed this story almost immediately because those killed were the "wrong" victims. Disgusting isn't it?

James E Dangerfield said...

Michael A:

Emmanuel AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people murdered to provoke a race war by neo-confederate Dylan Roof. In the name of whiteness indeed.

TJM said...

James Dangerfield,

No comment on Waukasha?

Michael A said...

Was Dylan part of a group of killers or a member of a racist group that plotted to kill black people? Democrats are a powerful group and they plot to kill children every day - 1 million or so a year. I haven't seen any news on arrests of any dangerous nests of white supremacists in country that have killed and are planning to kill more blacks. Have you? I do know that the leading cause of death of black males 18-45, in this country is homicide but I don't believe that it is white cops and KKK members who are doing the killing. I suggest you look for another #2, because the one you have is empty. Try sexual exploitation of children by homosexuals or the indoctrination of children to accept homosexuality and transgenderism as normal and good. If you want to got global then you might consider the mass murder of blacks by corrupt black governments/warlords. Maybe you can take up the cause against blacks enslaving blacks in Africa?

James E Dangerfield said...

Michael A. Defending Dylan Roof and tarring millions as “groomers” at the same time.

Shame on you.

And it’s just as well Father McDonald is retiring. Father, how about retire this crap before you go?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

JD, you are acting too much like a doctor of the law as Pope Francis uses it. Mentally unstable people often act on their paranoid psychosis as independent agents of perceived threats. They are particularly susceptible to being radicalizes in their ignorance and/or psychosis by hate groups, either joining them or watching/reading their hate on line.

Governmental and institutionalized genocide, be it legal abortion even of full term babies and earlier or unjust wars carried out legally, think Ukraine but also the Rewanda genocide, Ukraine, white on white, Rawanda black on black and abortion here higher per capital for black babies, is altogether different. And those who are morally and spiritually stunted or ignorant but fully in their right mind, be it law makers or the general population think if something is legal then it is moral and acceptable, even genocide. Think also segregation in the south which I remember well and felt as a child it was wrong, yet so many thought it was morally acceptable in the south, perhaps you and your southern ancestors at the time.

TJM said...

Hey folks notice how Biden is running up to Buffalo while he totally ignored Waukesha? I guess some victims are more worthy based on their skin pigmentation. Biden’s claim to being a “unifier” is a total lie

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

One historical note. Even though segregation was not a legal condition in the North, de facto segregation was. There were as many segregationists in large cities like Chicago, Boston, and New York, as you would find in the South. One of my Black colleagues will attest to that. After she retired, she moved to Alabama where she said she felt less racism there than in Chicago.

monkmcg said...

The Democrat Party founded the KKK; they are just different parts of the same organization.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Hey,folks, notice how TJM can't, to save his life, get his facts straight?

TJM sez: "Hey folks notice how Biden is running up to Buffalo while he totally ignored Waukesha?"

"Totally ignored Waukesha," did he?

In fact:

NY Post: "Biden condemns ‘horrific act of violence’ at Waukesha Christmas parade"

Reuters: "Fact Check-Joe Biden did comment on Waukesha parade tragedy"

ABC7 Chicago: "Jill Biden visits memorial for Waukesha parade victims after meeting with families, hospital staff"

WRAL Raleigh: "POLITICAL NEWS - Biden mourns 5 killed and many others injured at Wisconsin holiday parade"

This is what happens to peopke like TJM who listen to "news" that repeates their own preconceptions, prejudices, and biases. You can, like TJM, read "news" stories with titles like "Waukesha tragedy: Biden and Kamala Harris silence is deafening; 'where is the outrage?" and, since it confirms your bias, you think it is true. It's not.

TJM said...

Fr K - did Biden go to Waukesha? No. Now tell us again how abortion is “healthcare?”

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Did President Biden "totally ignore Waukesha" as you asserted?

No. You were wrong. You bought, hook, line, and sinker, the headline you picked up from some radical, right-wing website and you raaaaaaaaaan with it.

You're shown the plain evidence, but as with too many people these days, evidence doesn't matter.

So, what's the next parry? Of course! ABORTION!

TJM said...

Fr K,

If you think Biden’s pro forma statements are on the same level as Biden going to Waukesha, you are delusional. He could have demonstrated he was president for all Americans. But he did not and rational Americans would rightly conclude Biden does not care about White deaths like he does Black deaths. Of course does he really care about Black deaths? I don’t see him in Chicago where Blacks kill each other daily nor does he decry Black babies deaths via abortion. He is going to Buffalo solely for political reasons - to keep them on the Dem Plantation. Did Biden condemn BLM for its supporter mowing down these folks in Waukesha? BLM is a Marxist, White hating outfit. It’s too bad for your Party that the nut in Buffalo inconveniently is a leftist.

Priests voting for the Dems is like a Jew voting for Hitler.

TJM said...

One last thing, in Waukesha Biden called it an act of "horrific violence." With Buffalo he called it "simple and straightforward terrorism." I frankly don't see why he did not apply that same standard to Waukesha. I guess I do know, a BLM terrorist was involved.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

So, then, we get Biden does not care for white deaths, but he DOES care for black deaths.

THEN, we get Biden doesn't care for black deaths because he doesn't go to Chicago.

Maybe Biden could go to the scene of EVERY horrific shooting and throw rolls of paper towels to the crowds like, well, you--know-who did after a hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Yeah, that's the ticket, throw paper towels.

THEN, we get "Hitler."

Biden didn't "totally ignore Waukesha."

"Round and 'round the mulberry bush,..."

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

As all presidents do, but Biden's attempt on steroids, he went to Buffalo to exploit a tragedy for to shore up his dropping poll numbers and score political points against Republicans.

A teenager who is compromised mentally did these murders and so many of these mass shootings are by compromised people. The issue is mental illness which is masked by the ideologies that set them over the top. It isn't a conspiracy of an army of people what happened nor is white supremacy the issue, but mental health. The president couldn't bring himself to tell the truth because is compromises his political position. White supremacy is now a talking point to turn around her sinking presidency. He exploited a tragedy for political gain.

And yet, he is completely blind to and oblivious of what he and his political party enable as it concerns the genocide of abortion.

And now like Trump who called out CNN, he has become a clone as it concerns Fox and other conservative media. I think he fears that Discovery + will turn CNN into a legitimate news source and no longer an apologetic for the Democratic party.

At least Fox's apologetic for the Republicans is out in the open and entertaining with entertaining hosts doing it.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Fr. ALLAN McDonald - I don't think the ideologies "mask" mental illness. I think they exacerbate it and encourage it.

White supremacy is more than a talking point and has been in this country since 1619 when slaves were brought into the American colonies. It was not merely a talking point when it became institutionalized or when it caused a Civil War. It wasn't a talking point when whites suppressed blacks with Jim Crow laws or when white law enforcement partnered with racists to cover up the lynchings of blacks. Racism didn't cease to be a reality when Civil Rights legislation was passed and enacted in the 1960's.

It wasn't a talking point when disillusioned frat boys marched in Charlottesville carrying Wal Mart Tiki Torches chanting "You will not replace us" and "Jews will not replace us."

It's not a talking point. It's a reality that, by all metrics, is growing and threatening to further divide out nation.

the Egyptian said...

The facts are democrats kill babies and the are proud of it. And the US bishops conference was known as the democrat party at prayer for years. Bernardin and his whole cloth and all that crap,
Democrats are evil and anyone who supports them are complicit. Including churchmen and women.

TJM said...

Fr K,

LOL - the race card was maxed out when Obama was elected. The supply of White supremacists cannot meet liberals demand for them. But racist Democrat hate groups like BLM and Antifa and race hustling fraudsters like Al Sharpton are in abundance. The Democratic Party is inherently racist and the evidence is there if one is not braindead. Every issue is seen the prism of race . Remember when the senile grifter said: if you don’t vote Democrat you are not Black? Only a person with an infantile intellect cannot see that. I pity your parish

Mark said...

“Every issue is seen through the prism of race.”

Reminds me of some others who see every issue through the prism of abortion.

Mark said...

Here’s an idea: How about mature political conversation that uses language engaging with the deeper justifications for our political beliefs and positions (both secular and religious justifications) instead of language more suited to the school playground? How about, then, engaging in adult self-rule? Do you think there will be any takers?

TJM said...

abortion is an intrinsic evil. The misuse of the race card, although contemptible, is not an intrinsic evil.

Sophia said...

Sophia here: I find it so very discouraging that the USCCB actually has an Ad Hoc Committee against Racism ".... to address the racism that still pervades our society and our Church today...." Racism is still PERSVASIVE in our society and our Church today? Say what???? This is unbelievable-there seems to be no daylight between these Bishops and the Democrat Party! They even have the same talking points. And if the Bishops continue to proclaim these distortions then they should stop complaining when BLM and ANTIFA inspired radicals continue to attack Church buildings, monuments, and statues- after all the Church is racist today they proclaim.
What we the faithful expect from the USCCB is a Committee on why there are so few practicing Catholics, why there are so few who believe in the Real Presence, why there are so few vocations!
Instead these Bishops are leading us down the path of dialoguing about, and fixing a problem that is now in our rear view mirror! The classic partial truth-historical racism in the society- being used to perpetuate the Big lie that racism is pervasive in society, much less in the Church NOW!
It is well past time for the Church to refocus on what really ails her and society-and it's not white racism!

Mark said...

TJM seems to be arguing that because abortion is an intrinsic evil it justifies seeing everything through the prism of abortion. But there are many intrinsic evils, including racism. TJM also says that “the race card was maxed out when Obama was elected.” This is not only naively juvenile and ill-informed; it is also a racist statement. Ergo, TJM must be guilty of committing an intrinsic evil.

Did the Buffalo shooter commit an intrinsic evil, or perhaps more than one? Why not talk about this question? There is, of course, a great deal to be said about the abortion issue, and it has been said ad nauseam on this blog. So, why did this post have to drag abortion into the discussion and muddy the waters, yet again? Are we afraid of doing what I said in my last post, that is, engaging in mature political conversation and adult self-rule? Or is it that we simply are no longer capable of doing so?

And to repeat, I write as a nonpartisan, who is neither a registered Democrat not a registered Republican. I have little time for either party or for politics as usual, or for a mindset that uncritically supports its favorite tribe or that sees everything through a single prism, be it abortion, racism, or anything else.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Racism doesn't exist in our society today.

Spouse abuse doesn't exist, either.

There are no white, nationalist, transactionalists in existence.

Oil companies are not making huge profits by increasing the price at the pump any more.

Gerrymandering is kaput.

Disability cheats have gone the way of the dodo.

And no one ever, EVER, runs a stop sign.

Gee. It's such a great time to be alive when we can make things disappear just by saying it!

May the opposite will work...

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, you highlight why the world is so disordered by original and actual sins but also the complete denial of these disorders by so many in the secular and religious worlds. The foundational evidence of all of this is contempt for human life (some of us) and the beginning point is snuffing out innocent unborn children. The institutionalization of this by society and completely endorsed by the Democratic Party to the point of killing a full term child in the most heinous way is truly macabre. The Democratic Party, must because of its pro killing of innocent children should be placed on the list of organizations forbidden to Catholics.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

No, I did not highlight WHY the world is so disordered by Original Sin and actual sin, but THAT it is disordered.

As to the question of "why," we look to Adam and Eve's choice to satisfy their natural desire for food, but to do so in a manner that 1) they knew was contrary to God's will, and 2) that was influenced by The Tempter.

There is nothing disordered about wanting food. Disorder enters when we eat what we know to be harmful to our health (contrary to God's will), and/or when we eat what is not ours (infuenced by The Tempter).

Eating a reasonbably healthy diet (a choice compatible with God's will) and not eating food that is not ours (rejecting the influence of The Tempter) is the ordered path.

There's the WHY.

The next step in the WHY question is to understand concupiscence, the effect of Original Sin, which, while not in itself sinful, is what inclines us to choose to do evil, whether small or great.

Then, we can approach the question of Grace which will include a discussion of the errors of some of the Protestant Reformers.