Thursday, December 12, 2013


The hardest worker in show business, the late, great James Brown, of my hometown of Augusta, had a move similar to the photo the the pope below as the King of Soul had his cape removed!

It was often said that Catholics and the world alike loved Pope John Paul II but they didn't care for his message or agree with his moral teachings. They loved his personality and the gestures he made toward people.

I wonder if the same thing is occurring with Pope Francis. Yes to the progressive Catholic he seems to be a friend of them, but I never hear progressive Catholics making any comment positive or negative on the things that Pope Francis has actually said. They actually ignore what he says and harp on the same old tired mantra they have harped on when they were young in the 1960's. They ignore what Pope Francis has actually said such as:

--Fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church and the person of the Pope and the bishops in union with him

--That the devil is real and to be taken dead seriously

--That the Blessed Mother is the Mother of all the Faithful

--That the Church is Holy Mother and Bride of Christ

--That popular devotions have a profound place in the lives of Catholics and even in the Mass, such as Marian flairs and holding the relics of saints while professing the Faith

--That we must think with the Church and that Church teaching isn't based upon popular opinion

--That the discussion on women becoming priests is CLOSED

--That priests who promote women's ordination and other heterodoxy should be laicized and even excommunicated

--That abortion undermines love for the poor and the Church will NEVER change HER teachings on this

--That marriage is between one man and one woman and for a lifetime

There are other things too that progressive Catholics completely ignore, those things that actually affect rank and file clergy and laity. Rather they focus on how he dresses both for secular and religious events; that he is more collaborative (although I think Pope Francis will rival most of his pre-Vatican II predecessors as the most autocratic pope there has been) and that he consults more widely than the previous four popes.

However, while the progressives continue to babble about Pope Francis plans to decentralize the government of the Church to local bishops and conferences of bishops, the first decision out the Gang of 8 cardinals had to do with the sex abuse scandal and making policy that is more centralized in the Vatican. Interesting no? Did you hear any progressives even mentioning this?

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Anonymous said...

He talks about the poor every day. Every day, the poor the poor the poor. I know we can't obsess about innocent babies being murdered by their own mothers but does he have to talk about the poor all the time every day. Granted I'm nothing but a self absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagian, not that Francis is name calling or judging me, but does he have to talk about the poor every day.