Sunday, December 29, 2013


In the family, Pope Francis says in his Holy Family Angelus talk, that there must be three things for family harmony and joy!

1) Please (or permission)--seek politely what is requested, don't demand or presume!

2) Thank you--this moves us beyond being an egoist and shows gratitude for that which we receive from others!

3) Excuse me (forgive me) which seeks to heal injury that one causes by acknowledging one's need

The Holy Father asks the huge, huge, huge crowd gathered below his window to repeat these three things over and over! And they do!


Gene said...

So, that's it, then… say please, thank you, and excuse me and family life will be a real joy. I'm overwhelmed...

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad start though...

George said...

The three things the Holy father mentioned which would engender family harmony and joy are a good start. I know and understand that some would dismiss his advice as simplistic because after all it is just basic manners and common courtesy to say these things.How often though, especially in families, we do not say these things, and even if we do, not often enough.

On the Feast of the Holy Family I would like to share this:

The below was written Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God (writing from France where she is staying with Servantesdes Pauvres (Servants of the Poor) and where she and her postulants are receiving formation
toward the building of a new foundation. (this was in her newsletter)

"From time to time, we are able to
connect to the internet and to see
what is taking place in the United
States. Our beloved country appears
to be taking a most grievous path,
and with increasing speed, toward the
destruction of the family, the country,
and even our very faith.
What to do? How do we remain
faithful in the midst of such evil and
even apostasy? And how can we make a difference? How can
we help turn the tide? How can we make even a dent that will

"At least those are questions I live with all of the time.
And the answer comes back, time and time again:
“live the faith that we profess.”
...For us there can be no compromise with evil."

From the story of the Mother and her seven sons in the book of Maccabees

The ruler Antiochus IV,

To stabilize, consolidate and expand his kingdom, he set out to unite its many cultural, social
and religious elements – that is, to achieve a new level of cultural totalitarianism

"I believe the story’s theme, repeated many times through is characteristic of what is occurring in the United States today, and in other countries as well, whose people of
faith are being subjected to a foreign tyranny – that is, to a
government that has lost its way. Formed “of the people, by
the people, for the people” the government, in large measure,
has turned on the very people it was formed to serve. Rather than protecting faith and family, it is seeking, at an unprecedented pace, to destroy both."

Gene said...

Yes, but we can get that from Miss Manners and Amy Vanderbilt…

I know a lot of well-mannered sociopaths, and I understand Ted Bundy was quite cultured.

rcg said...

Gene, give the guy a break! I share everyone's sadness that Pope Benedict was halted in his restoration of the Liturgy, but I do think Pope Francis is trying to take the natural next step which is to live what we pray. You and I come from families where the common courteous are, indeed, common. Pope Francis is simply acknowledging that is no longer common while not slamming them over it. We all know that Pope Benedict's message was mis-portrayed intentionally by the same people who are fawning over Pope Francis. I think we inadvertently participate in that game when we flame on Pope Francis. Pope Francis' appeal frustrates those of us who found Pope Benedict's rigor and honesty refreshing. Consider the two statements: "You should go to Mass because you are a sinner" and "You are welcome at Mass even though you are a sinner". Except for the washing of the feet I am not aware that Pope Francis has done anything that would challenge the teachings of the Church in proper context.

ytc/Cameron said...

GENE, calm down and take a hit!