Friday, March 20, 2020



Bob said...

I would prop it open partially or post a (should be unneccessary, BUT...) reminder to not touch with bare hand, or, to wipe hand immediately after touching.....but great idea if church will be locked.

Good news, here, they listened (partially) to me locally, and church will stay open and unlocked for daily prayer. AND we will have Weds/Fri 5-7pm exposition inside the church while maintaining distance (never a problem with that, here, at such) idea of sanitizing, but one never knows that, ANYwhere, and everyone SHOULD be following common sense and wearing a glove or carrying an alcohol rag in a baggie with them for hand wiping after touching common surfaces.

No mention here yet of collection, but expect a box in narthex will appear for such, quite soon.

Not sure if an Oscar is in the offing, but, would surely give it a Big Bird or Kermit.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but a must-see, must-hear from Notre you listen to the Latin, pay attention to the English words:

Православный физик said...

Outside of the diocese directives, where does it state explicitly state that a church must close.