Wednesday, March 11, 2020


The only  time tested safe and effective way to distribute Holy Communion for the spiritual and physical health of Catholics who worthily recieve Holy Communion:

Bishops around the world are ordering Catholics to receive Holy Communion in the hand where they have allowed churches to remain open. Why? Because they wrongly believe that recieving in the hand will spread less germs than receiving on the tongue.

But when communicants stand to receive Holy Communion either in the hand or on the tongue, the bishops are dead wrong! Standing is the problem and in either case the danger of the "minister" of Holy Communion touching either the hand or the tongue is almost a given in certain circumstances. In both cases the communicant is moving, either his hands or his head. I have had communicants raise their hands toward me as I am placing the Host on their hands thus touching my hands and the same with standing and receiving on the tongue. Often the communicant moves his head toward the priest/minister causing the minister to touch the tongue or lips.

When the communicant kneels and receives either in the hand or on the tongue, the communicant is stable and lower than the minister. Thus the minister can easily place the Host on the tongue of the communicant without touching any part of the tongue or mouth and the same is true with placing the Host in the hand, the minister reaches down to a more stabilized stance for receiving in the hand and can more easily place the Host on the palm without touching it, although when a communicant receives in the hand either kneeling or standing, the rate goes up in terms of the minister touching the hand of the communicant.

So bishops, stop being nonsensical and stupid about communion in the hand while standing. The way to prevent the passing on of any kind of contagion is for the communicant to kneel and receive on the tongue. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Simple watch what happens when Holy Communion is distributed at an EF Mass compared to an OF Mass. 


Anonymous said...

Again I say that the problem is really EMHCs, not priests. There is one local priest who is very sloppy, so I avoid him. Priests, if you insist on using EMHCs, pay attention to what they are doing!

UK Priest said...

The advice (or mandate, depending where you live) to receive communion in the hand is NOT ideological. It is following the best scientific advice offered by the CDC and epidemiological experts during a WHO declared world health emergency.

The issue is NOT about whether your hand touches someone’s tongue. Coronaviruses are respiratory viruses - thus putting your hand near to someone else’s mouth exposes you to the tiny respiratory droplets caused by them breathing or even just opening their mouth. That is why communion on the tongue is a much higher infection vector that communion in the hand (particularly where proper and regular hand washing is being implemented.

Please stop spreading misinformation and confusion about these facts. Your ill formed comments are dangerous and will contribute to people needlessly being infected. It is a cause of scandal that you persist in this way. The current situation of restricting communion to reception in the hand is a practical necessary. Whereas your refusal to accept the scientific facts is ideological.

Having said that, you do have greater cause for concern in the USA since you ignoramous president is making up his own coronavirus “truths” and hasn’t followed your own CDC policy guidance. Consequently you don’t have enough testing kits and the situation is not being contained in the US which will likely mean your related mortality rate will be much much higher than need be.

I also take offence at the use of “Chinese virus” and the very obvious fascist overtones. Here in the UK, we have had Chinese and Asian citizens attacked by thugs since the coronavirus emergency. The use of such language is imprudent to say the least.

TJM said...

UK "priest" if that is in fact who you are,

An ignoramus is someone who spouts off about something they know nothing about. Your criticism of President Trump is an example of someone being an ignoramus. The World Health Organization has praised President Trump's efforts and so has the Democrat governors of California and Washington, two of the president's ordinarily most vociferous opponents.

Tell you what. You worry about things on YOUR side of the pond, and we Yanks will handle things over here

UK Priest said...

Should read *racist (not fascist) - apologies for autocorrect changing the meaning of what I intended to write - although fascist is also appropriate, I suppose.

The Egyptian said...

every other epidemic has been referred to by the region that it started, but now COMMUNIST CHINESE have their underwear in a bunch, it's RACIST. it's the WUHAN FLU..... I am quite sure that if it started in Chicago by the mishandling of viral samples the chic-oms would gladly call it the Chicago bug, or the dims the Trump flu.
the chi coms are now trying to blame it on the USA, they can bugger off as you Brits say.

"you ignoramus president is making up his own coronavirus “truths” and hasn’t followed your own CDC policy guidance". explain please or bugger off.
he cut off access to travelers from communist chine as soon as it became clear what was going on and was condemned for it. but them racist, seems now it was a wise move, but of coarse RACIST.
the god saint obummer did nothing during the last epidemic and still is the god king BUT TRUMP!!!!!
I am in no mood to hear Trump derangement b.s.

rcg said...

UK-P, I agree. We should also quit blaming the English for that language.

TJM said...

Hey UK "Priest",

Here in the US, there are actual "catholic" bishops and priests who support this evil, insane party (hint: not the Republican Party):

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D-Minn.) made a declaration that March 10th will be celebrated in the city as “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,” according to The Hill.

In his statement, Frey said that “abortion providers like Whole Women’s Health deliver high quality care in the face of harassment and threats to abortion access at the federal and local levels.” He further added that he was “proud to recognize today as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to celebrate Whole Women’s Health as an essential part of our community.”

I sincerely hope that in England, you do not have bishops or priests celebrating politics such as this.

UK Priest said...

One of the reasons the 1918 flu came to be known as the “Spanish” flu was because Spain was neutral in the war and didn’t censor its press. Whereas the US, Britain and France – all of which had the flu before Spain – kept it out of the newspapers at first to avoid damaging morale. When they finally acknowledged it, the newspapers issued conflicting public health messages and repeated unfounded rumours – including one that German U-boats beaching in the US had deliberately sown the flu.

Germ theory – according to which infectious diseases are caused by microscopic organisms – was also relatively new. Inevitably, people found it easy to revert to more mystical, and more fatalistic, explanations of what was happening. In the deeply pious Spanish city of Zamora, for example, the local bishop defied the health authorities by ordering a novena – evening prayers on nine consecutive days – in honour of Saint Rocco, the patron saint of plague and pestilence. This involved churchgoers lining up to kiss the saint’s relics, around the time that the outbreak peaked. Zamora went on to record the highest flu-related death rate of any city in Spain, and one of the highest in Europe.

It’s a lesson we seem to have to learn again every time a new pandemic appears, and the kneejerk tendency to pull up the drawbridge shares xenophobic roots with another – that of blaming “the other”. In 1918, before the name “Spanish flu” caught on, Brazilians called it the German flu, while the Senegalese called it the Brazilian flu. The Poles called it the Bolshevik disease and the Danes thought it “came from the south”. Now they are blaming Chinese people.

If there is one feature of the current epidemic for which we should applaud ourselves – besides the reports that skies are blue again over Chinese cities, since traffic has come to a standstill – it is that we have managed to avoid giving this outbreak a stigmatising name. The WHO guidelines of 2015 on how to name diseases can take a lot of credit for this. So this new plague is not the Chinese flu or the pangolin flu, it’s the rather more mundane Covid-19 – just one more epidemic in a long line of epidemics that have struck fear into our hearts, and that we can still rein in if we would just listen to our brains instead.

Oh and one thing Trump has failed to mention is that his grandfather died in the flu epidemic of 1918.

Dan said...

Knowing the CDC guidance from within the healthcare system, and being in constant contact with them... where are your facts to back up your claims UKP? You are spouting garbage. You should go back to pretending to be 'anonymous.'

UK Priest said...

Good advice circulated by our Cardinal Archbishop... the initial guidance we were given, we were asked to play our part in reassuring people with accurate information about the nature and spread of this virus. This is an important part of our role, especially at present when so much reporting of these issues is couched in alarmist headlines. The fight against this virus will be long, some experts saying that its spread will peak in late April or May. So we must take this task steadily and constantly be guided by official advice.

I thank you for your cooperation and for all that you do in letting people know of these points and of all working together to contain this virus in this present stage and then being ready for the next stage, of delaying its spread.

Professor Jim McManus is Director of Public Health for Hertfordshire County Council and Vice President of the Association of Directors of Public Health UK.

The Egyptian said...

several things we do know for sure,
the chi coms can argue all they want, it started next door to a bio lab in Wuhan, check out their "wet" market"
Around the same time a researcher was imprisoned, probably dead by now, for selling lab animals after they were done with then to the wet market instead of incarcerating then as per the "rules", he made a fortune, it was in their media for a short while,
the chi coms have been backtracking every since, their health standards are nonexistent
read at least the 1st half, the conditions in china are BAD, and the media is an organ of the state

useful quotes
Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me your four-year-olds and in a generation I will build a socialist state.”

He also said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Then, he said, “medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”

We’re finding out – IN America – just how right he was about all of it. And some of us aren’t thinking twice about it.

When Ronald Reagan said, “One of the traditional ways of imposing statism or socialism has been through medicine,” many scoffed at him and joked about how stupid he was or (worse) how he just wanted the rich to have healthcare and didn’t care about everyone else.

John Nolan said...

UK Priest, if he is indeed a priest, should realize that it is regarded as bad form to insult publicly the Head of State of a friendly country. How would he like it if some upstart Yank insulted HM the Queen?

USA Priest said...

UK Priest we entirely welcome to recognize and comment on the serious flaws of President Trump. We are not insulted in the least.

There is no reason for him, or anyone who is not a "Yank," to be taken to task by a Limey about what some consider "bad form."

UK Priest said...

Our gloriously reigning Queen does not exercise executive power so she has no role in our nation’s coronavirus response. However I have no objection if you want to critique Boris Johnson’s failings in this regard. Unlike yourselves, we do not hold that our political leaders are infallible and beyond reproach.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Here is fake catholic Pelosi's priorities during the coronavirus:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to include a potential way to guarantee federal funding for abortion into the coronavirus economic stimulus plan, according to multiple senior White House officials.

I am sure Father "Anonymous" is proud of her and his party

Dan said...

Ha... same person pretending to be different 'priests.' Hilarious.

Andrew Rex said...

1. Coronavirus is not a flu.
2. The uncertainty is high, but a plausible scenario—one-fifth of the population falling ill, and a 0.5% fatality rate—would lead to 327,000 deaths in the US, or nine times that of a typical flu season.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Not.

John Nolan said...

To criticize (or as 'UK Priest' would have it, using an American vernacular expression, 'to critique') is not the same as to insult. To refer to someone as an 'ignoramus' is hardly constructive criticism, especially when the user of the epithet doesn't know how to spell it.

I haven't up until now referred to COVID-19 as the 'Chinese virus', but now I know it offends snowflake sensibilities, I shall do so in future.

Dan said...

Ha. How would A. know?