Wednesday, March 18, 2020


When I was in the seminary, there was certainly a blurring of the priesthood of Holy Orders and the baptismal priesthood of the laity. In fact there were those who wished to do away with the terms clergy and laity (as there are now, but they are the same ones back then).

Thus, it was out of the question for a priest to celebrate a private Mass!

Thus, it was out of the question for a lay person not to receive the Precious Blood from the chalice too.

Thus, it was out of the question for only the priest to receive Holy Communion.

Thus, it was out of the question for the laity to kneel for Holy Communion because the priest didn't and the laity are like priests and should stand too

Thus, it was out of the question for add ons to the Mass, like the Leonine Prayers and other prayers.

Thus, it is outdated to have Exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, not to mention Benediction, because the Eucharist is Food and Drink to be eaten and drunk, not looked at or adored and certainly it should not flow directed after Mass.

Thus, the Mass is communitarian and we should sit together and around the altar, hold hands at the Our Father, hug and kiss others at the Sign of Peace and generally intrude into the personal space of others invited or uninvited. 

I could go on.

Isn't it interesting that the Coronavirus, not the pope or bishops, has brought a halt to all this post-Vatican II silliness, except for kneeling for Holy Communion. But once they realize that kneeling for Holy Communion reduces the chance of the minister or communicant touching the hands or lips of the minster/communicant, they will do so, not because it is more reverent.


Mark Thomas said...

If anything, during each cold/flu season, our bishops would do well to suspend the shared Chalice, Communion-in-the-hand, hand-holding, and hand-shaking at OF Masses.

But as the world's/Church's draconian responses — or panics, if that's the word — to the Coronavirus may be short-lived, our bishops may restore the above liturgical practices.

Reports have stated in recent days that the Coronavirus has peaked in China and South Korea.

That may apply soon to America, as well as additional nations.

Should that prove true, then we may return to shared Chalice, hand-pumping, business-as-usual OF Masses.

After all, one bishop after another has, for decades, permitted the above germ-spreading practices to have flourished during deadly flu seasons.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

And out of the question---being a pro-life Democrat in the US House. The last reliable one, Dan Lipinski, went down to defeat in the Illinois Democratic primary yesterday. Just think about it, of the 200+ House Democrats, not a single one can be counted as a solid (or maybe even weak) pro-lifer. Nope, the "new time" religion for congressional Democrats is taxpayer-funded abortion, with nary a restriction---abortion to time of birth, abortion without parental consent. Sad times, further sign of the road to Hell.

Carol H. said...

The EWTN priests are holding confessions outside at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville! I hope other priests will do the same.

The Corona virus is now in Houston County.

Fr Martin Fox said...


This was a hilarious read, thanks; and so true!

TJM said...


But evil priests and bishops will continue to vote for the Party of Moloch