Thursday, March 12, 2020


This is St. Rocco’s intercessory prayer. Please note what is sought, healing of body and soul, kept free of the contagion of illness and of sin and the inclusion of a prayer for purity.

Also the inclusion of GOD’S RETRIBUTION:

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Bee here:

Thanks for the prayer Fr. McD. It's a good one. After praying to Our Lord for relief for the world from this virus, I have been praying to Our Lady for intercession and protection, especially for my dear friends at the nursing home where I volunteer.

They are on "lockdown," which means no unnecessary visitors, including relatives and volunteers. Of course such action is absolutely necessary for this population, especially in light of the fact someone can transmit the virus while having no symptoms themselves.

The worst thought is that someone on staff may bring it in from the community anyway. This is what I pray will not happen, there or in any nursing home in the country. What happened at the Life Care Center in Seattle is a nightmare. I know how everyone feels at the home I visit when even one person dies, even though we know all the residents have one sort of illness or another and are over 80. So my heart breaks for the relatives of those who were at Life Care Center and died. I am praying all my friends at the nursing home will still be okay when the worst of this passes. Being barred and not being able to help is a great suffering. But I can pray, and I know Our Lady, and now St. Rocco, will intercede.

I also feel so bad for the fear that seems to be gripping especially young people. The unknown and stories of death are making some young people very afraid. We need more stories about people who had the virus and got well. So I pray for the people too who are so afraid, that God will comfort and console them.

I guess this Lent is challenging us to up our level of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, and the exercise of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Patience, kindness and love I think will go a very long way during this time of uncertainty and fear.

God bless.