Friday, March 6, 2020


On one hand, I am glad that so many are not acting like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand when it come to spreading germs and disease, like concern over the unsanitary common chalice that right minded people have. But on the other hand, I hope all of this media generated hysteria isn't being overblown. We all live in a contaminated environment.

Fr. Z had a good point about how concerned all of a sudden the Church has become about physical contamination at Mass from hymnals, Holy Water, the unsanitary common chalice to the handshake of peace and holding hands during Mass and yet we are missing the opportunity to speak about something much more contagious, sin and living in sin and how that spreads to others too.

Our personal salvation which only Jesus can accomplish is often relegated to a lesser concern, and things that should be secondary are elevated to a greater concern, like the ecclesiology of the Mass, how people participate, empowering the laity at Mass and I could go on and on. What a crock! No?

And yes, those with a "spirit of vatican ii" ideology promote this horizontal mentality and make all the silly things we've instituted since the 1960's a sort of god, an idol, over the true God, like ecclesiology, like communion in the hand, like the sign of peace, like standing for Communion, like holding hands. Are we better off today with all these reforms to the Church and her liturgy than we were prior. That isn't an evil question to ask and answer, especially when it comes to the Church's primary mission to save sinners from hell.


Anonymous said...

“ Are we better off today with all these reforms to the Church and her liturgy than we were prior?” No, I don’t think so. There were too many changes. The changes were poorly thought out and became very political. They were also firmly rooted in one decades ideology of radical change. There were a few changes that I liked such as the Mass in the vernacular, but even that was overdone. I also objected to its becoming an exclusive norm. I did like a Popes opinion to review Vatican I I and correct many of the liturgical and sacramental abuses.

Anonymous said...

Well, they better not cancel the Masters! The last time it was not played was 1945, of course during World War 2 when gas rationing and wartime shortages were the norms. This year the tournament coincides with Easter, first time in a while.

rcg said...

Actually these are called the “Godiva” rules and date to ancient Scotland The fairways are open but now spectators are allowed.

Anonymous said...

Is Father M a "patron" at the Masters? (Such letters would be sent to those who get tickets there). "Patron" is Masters lexicon for "fans."