Sunday, March 8, 2020


I am afraid I don’t like the before or after. The after has too much going on, too much of an enhancement and too much aimless color behind the altar and no prominent crucifix.

What do you think?


ByzRC said...

I think they tried to make the best out of what they had.

I found larger photos online. From the back of the nave, the color scheme within the sanctuary looks busy - too many colors/intricacy to really tell what's what. There IS a tabernacle in there.

Do not care for the ambo - it's about of equal size with the altar. While we are nourished by the word in addition to the eucharist, the near equal proportions just look odd.

Last and, of course, it's not complete without dedicated space for the piano.

I quite like the ceiling. I would find it soothing to look at.

That aside, it's an improvement on what was there. Congratulations to that parish and I hope they enjoy the renovations.

Anonymous said...

I agree both are not to my liking as well, however I often wondered why the Novus Ordo churches took up the Protestant "Risen Christ" and tossed out the Traditional Roman Catholic crucifix behind the altar???

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

That is a most unusual ambo set up, indeed. The sanctuary is very small, so creating the ambo space by constructing a cantilever to extend the sanctuary floor level was a good (?) idea. But I agree that it becomes too big in what they ended up with.

It looks like the whole thing was meant to be a temporary church that would, when the main church was added above, become the parish hall. But, that never came to pass.

The Egyptian said...

if i am not mistaken this is a photo of the original church that this one replaced

you can see they really went for the same look with the arches, however, if they could have followed the layout of the old church for the renovation it would have been more pleasing, at least to me, a larger altar would be more pleasing that all the paint, but money may have come into play, still an improvement, but i agree a little too busy, and yes that ambo is waaaay too big for the space