Friday, March 13, 2020


Even though the parade and festival have been cancelled, Mass will still be celebrated on Saint Patrick’s Day at 8:30am at the cathedral on Tuesday, March 17.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear as someone who will shortly be "under his dominion" in 30327. Maybe cancellation of the parade will lead to some sober reflection on the day, which too often becomes a day of debauchery, ironically during Lent! Father M pointed something to the effect weeks ago about how many festive events are scheduled during Lent, which reminds me of a line in the Book THE ORTHODOX CHURCH, 455 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, critical of church bulletins which at the same time urge us to fast and give alms while being invited to eat, drink and be merry at a church event!

Anonymous said...

This might just bring back the actual meaning of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Imagine, no ridiculous costume or green beer!

rcg said...

I suppose Bishop Hartmayer has mixed feelings about missing that cruise.