Saturday, November 26, 2022



This indeed is the work of the God of Surprises!

First it is the Vatican’s recognition of the schismatic debacle that is Germany’s synodal way, and now this concerning China:

In rare public protest, Vatican calls out China over bishop’s appointment

And no Vatican comment on Cardinal Zein’s conviction! This aging Cardinal has called out the Vatican’s China policy as a scandalous debacle….


Bob said...

Most encouraging..."We quashed the statement of moratorium againt the German synod, and let the Chinese convict Cardinal Zen, making him vulnerable to foreign collusion charges, and gee, what do these guys want?! Maybe we should let them know how disappointed we are, and then give them something so they know we are not mad at them?"

TJM said...

Why would a leftist pope criticize China over Cardinal Zen?

Bob said...

Am pretty sure the German church is going to go nuclear and be kicked out instantly to form their own national church by announcing they will move all parishes to the Latin Mass.

Jerome Merwick said...

And we should be surprised at this because...?

Anonymous said...

The SSPX offered the following evaluation of the Pope.

Should we believe the SSPX, then following is the result of the Pope's dialogue with the devil:

-- Far from warning souls, the Pope often promoted the respect of other religions incurring the risk of promoting their errors too.

-- The Pope has often participated in the false worships given to false gods.

-- He has several times discouraged the conversion to the true faith.

-- By his repeated acts of begging pardon, he has devaluated the image of the Church in the public eye.

-- By his example, he has invited the Catholics to despise ecclesiastical law, especially on participating in false worship and in eccentric papal Masses.


Oh...the above is from 2011 A.D.:

The above is the SSPX's evaluation of Pope Saint John Paul II. The SSPX denounced in 2011 A.D. Pope Saint John Paul II's Beatification.

If we are to believe that things have been horrific (supposedly) during Pope Francis reign, then the SSPX reminds us that the situation was just as horrific (supposedly) during Pope Saint John Paul II's reign.


Pope Francis is in good company with Pope Saint John Paul II.


It is just same old complaints about our Vatican II Era Popes. The complaints are interchangeable among said Popes.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald, you had linked the other day a story that pertained to the German Synodal Way.

Father Raymond J. de Souza noted that Pope Francis has paid close attention to the matter at had...and has initiated serious efforts to correct the German Synodal Way.

Father Raymond J. de Souza said of Pope Francis:

"He wrote — personally, without assistance from advisers, he later revealed — a lengthy letter to all German Catholics in June 2019, warning them against proceeding down the path they had set out. They did so anyway."

"In the intervening three years, clear statements condemning the German process have come from the most senior Curial dicasteries — the Secretariat of State, doctrine, bishops and legislative texts."


Father McDonald, you also linked the other day the story in regard to the recent addresses that Cardinals Marc Ouellet, as well as Luis Ladaria Ferrer, had delivered to the German bishops.

Cardinal Ouellet, for example, highlighted the serious efforts of Pope Francis to correct the German Synodal Way.

Father McDonald, Cardinals Ouellet, and Ladaria, are on board with the universal Synod/Synodal Process.

They have praised Pope Francis' efforts, inspired by the Holy Ghost, that have delivered positive results in regard to the universal Synodal well as our holy Pope's efforts to correct the negatives associated with the German Synodal Way.

Father McDonald, Cardinals Ouellet, and Ladaria, are not on board with the notion that the Apostolic See has engaged in "utopian ideology of the false god of dialogue with the Devil."

One diocese after another has deemed the listening process a holy success.

Pope Francis, in serious, yet merciful fashion, has shown the Church in Germany the path on which the Germans must travel to obtain holy success in regard to the German Synodal Way.

It is imperative that the Church in Germany submit to Pope Francis' Magisterial authority.


Mark Thomas

Tom Makin said...

The current Pontificate is a house of cards. As the saying goes "ye reap what you sow". Francis has lost (assuming he ever had or chose to have) control. Nonetheless, he is getting what he has always wanted....chaos. He had it as a Jesuit Superior in Argentina and was asked to leave. This man should never have risen through the ranks. He should have been corralled by his Jesuit Superiors long ago and made to be a simple parish priest in some back water town in Argentina where his reach would have been minimal and his impact negligible. Now a bunch of "mini me's" make up the cardinal electors and God only knows what we have to look forward to. It sickens me.

Bob said...

I look at it all like this....the current Vatican is either infested with those who wish to destroy the Church from within, or infested with the most rock stupid unspiritual idiots in the history of the world, or it is infested with those who wish to destroy the Church from within AND are the most rock stupid unspiritual idiots in the hisory of the world.

Contending in this monumental conflict are unspiritual consecrated and laity socialist modern-progress folk on the side of modern watered down doctrine and worship, and their nemesis being the unspiritual consecrated and laity traditionalists who think simply preserving ancient rites and doctrines will fix everything.

Both sides hindered greatly by lack of love of God and prone to all manner of scandal from that lack of true interior life, essentially the sadducees and pharisees squabbling interminably while Jerusalem burns and everybody dies.

TJM said...


There is no moral equivalence between the leftists and traditionalists

Bob said...

I admit we have one side often a immoral failure versus a more moral failure, but doubt many traditionalists would want the last week of their lives broadcast on tv while they are busy morally failing.

Meanwhile, we have the same people who gave us 90% effective and somewhat fatal modified DNA covid vaccines now pushing to engineer humans....what? me worry?

TJM said...


I am interested in what you mean by a "more moral failure." What are the hallmarks and who is engaged in this?

I see one side as almost pure evil: infanticide, gay "marriage", trangenderism, grooming of children, etc.

Bob said...

And I see opposing those evils largely phony traditionalists who are just as pleasure seeking worldly materialists and who strive just as little to live a holy life dedicated to love of God. I see internet and tv addicts both sides,

I see fixation on the good life and keeping up with the Joneses both sides, I see the same angry ranting and political sloganeering both sides, and lives dedicated to anger and hate both sides.

I see a lot of people with otherwise empty lives and no love of God on both sides. One side says less rules and more relaxed rites and morals will fix everything, while the other side says more rules, more formal and rigorous rites and rules will fix everything.

Both will run off right after the ranting and live on their blue screens and both will ignore God for 99.9% of their lives, which is the REAL problem.

TJM said...


Honestly I have not run into traditionalists like that, either in Chicago or Indiana. Maybe one would see that kind of behavior in a Sedevacantist parish. My experience has been most will attend either the TLM or Novus Ordo offered at the parish and the parishes run a lot of charitable activities because they believe people, not government, should be involved in those things. There are many opportunities for deepening ones spiritual life through classes or devotional activities outside of the Mass. Sounds like you have had unfortunate experiences. I am sorry for that. The most spiritually shallow parish was in Illinois where the pastor was fixated on the causes du jour. Fortunately I no longer have to deal with that dreck