Monday, August 6, 2018


Whisper in the Loggia has this headline:

"Our Church Is Suffering From A Crisis of Sexual Morality" – Amid "A Grievous Moral Failure" 

It isn't just Catholics, to include both clergy and laity, it is every human being in the world who has as his or her teachers the architects of the sexual revolution which reached an apex in the 1960's and has been on steroids ever sense. 

Where do human beings find their guide as to how to be sexual? From the media, the old media, the new media and any other type of media. Soap Operas, internet pornography, the movers and shakers in "Hollywood" and their power to manipulate, manipulate, manipulate, and teach, teach, teach.

They are the new Magisterium promulgating amorality in almost every aspect of life and doing so in the most powerful way possible and they manipulate politics too. 

How did same sex marriage find approval among so many people, a majority in fact, regardless of religion, in such a short time, maybe 10 years at the most--the media manipulation. 

But the question remains. How in the name of God and all that is holy have rank and file Catholics not to mention leaders of the Church vowed obedience to the media Magisterium and not the Church's authentic Magisterium (Scripture, Tradition, natural law) in the post-Vatican II, spirit of Vatican II Church?

Can it be traced to Vatican II's documents about openness to the world and this is how at least in the Catholic Church has led to what Whispers in the Loggia says: 

"Our Church Is Suffering From A Crisis of Sexual Morality" – Amid "A Grievous Moral Failure," 

I don't have much hope that Pope Francis or the current Magisterium has the ability to make the right diagnosis about what has, is and will happen in the Catholic Church until there is an honest effort to examine what Vatican II's documents have done to the Church since Vatican II. I think if Pope Benedict had been younger when elected pope, His Holiness could have done it. Pope Francis is still stuck in the 70's thinking that Blessed Pope Paul VI's initial enthusiasm for the Council and the agenda he promoted is the way forward. It is if we want more of the same, which we are getting. 

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