Sunday, August 12, 2018


I have already posted photos of the magnificent new "chapel" for Tampa's Jesuit High. I just now discovered that the bishop who consecrated the new chapel is The Most Reverend, Michael Barber, SJ,  Bishop of Oakland, California, His Excellency, a Jesuit himself.

Please note how he is vested! And this BOMBSHELL, in the second and third photos, described as burning incense on the altar, please note the left side of the altar, where the altar top is "in flames"--isn't that the manner of the Extraordinary Rite of doing this, not the Ordinary Form's way????????????

I don't believe the Consecration of the Chapel was in the Extraordinary Form. Does anyone know otherwise? And I can't find any photos of Holy Communion to see if the laity stood as in the Ordinary Form procession or knelt at the new altar railing. 

However in the fourth photo below, please note the number of altar BOYS and the fact that the gate to the new altar railing is closed, as in the Extraordinary Form, although clearly the Liturgy of the Eucharist is Ordinary Form but with the wonderful Benedictine altar arrangement.

Great artwork and this particular one of a more modern saint is an excellent role model for boys in high school:

For more of an explanation of this chapel with links to the program and more photos press here.


rcg said...

Maybe he lost a bet?

TJM said...


I suspect the Entrance "Chant" was NOT "Gather Us in with the Drab and the Banal"

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Here is the link to the Dedication Mass Program:

Anonymous said...

Wearing traditional vestments means nothing. Search the internet and you will also find pictures of Mahoney, O’Malley, Marx, Kasper, Shunbourn all wearing Roman vestments, even black vestments and lace albs etc. It means nothing anymore. A liberal is a liberal is a liberal. They will do, say, or act any way they have to in order to advance their agenda. I am NOT accusing the bishop in the pictures of anything. I know nothing about the man. All I am saying is you can’t judge by appearances. The pope walks around in a cassock. Granted its a cheap, see through, sloppy, “TV version” of what a pope’s cassock looks like. But he wears it. Most likely because he knows that at this moment in time it is still necessary to appear looking somewhat like a pope. But does anybody think he wouldn’t throw it in the garbage in a heartbeat if he could. Physical appearances mean nothing in 2018, for the most part. As a secular example look at Kanye West. He looks, lives and appears to act like a stereotypical modern rap singer (self absorbed, only caring about creature comforts, profane views on women). But listen to him on Jimmy Kimmel last week and although he looked the part of a rapper, when he opened his mouth you could tell that he is a thoughtful, honest, strong human being who cares about his wife, his family, his country. He is struggling with the climate of hate we live in. All I’m saying is you can’t judge by appearances in this world. Nothing appears as it is anymore. Everything has been turned upside down. Look at all the pictures of McCarrick saying Mass. He looks so pious and holy, just like he is off a Holy Card but he isn’t is he.

DJR said...

Another Jesuit bishop, but one of ours (unusual to have Byzantine Jesuits). He was enthroned in June. There is an interview of him at the link. Very devout. Young, too.

I guess if there are still such Jesuits, there is hope.

ByzRus said...

Vladika Milan (Lach) is a true example, very traditional and very much a gift to the people of the Eparchy of Parma. Indeed, there is hope!