Friday, August 24, 2018



Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Just watched the interview and went online to read Bishop Molino's full letter. This is the first clear and unequivocal statement I have heard or read that seems to be honest, open and in concert with Church teachings.

It's at times like this I appreciate the internet and the ability it affords to access more than one's own diocese's response to a scandal in the Church. Bishop Molino's response is one I wish I had heard from my own cardinal. Alas, my cardinal's letter and statements have served to obfuscate, not illuminate.

Thank you Fr. McD, for bringing this to us. Without it, I probably would never have heard Bishop Molino's teaching, or read his letter, and would have felt estranged from leaders in the Church, where many are seemingly simply trying to once again "manage" the crises, but who seem unwilling to identify the problem and stop it, because it deals with homosexuality. At least I know now some bishops are still faithful to Our Lord. That heartens me.

One comment on Bishop Molino's interview is that, to me, clericalism is not so much, as Bishop Molino seems to have said, putting the cleric on a pedestal, but clerics putting themselves on pedestals, and treating the Church as if it were a multi-national corporation of which they are of the executive rank, and using the power that derives from their positions to do as they please without regard to the teachings of the Church. To me, clericalism means abuse of power. It is arrogant, proud, and selfish. And that attitude may indeed be a contributing factor to the sexual misconduct that has come to light once again. But the Bishop's frank speech about the homosexual "sub-culture" affecting the Church, saying it is "wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord." was spot on!

Thanks again, Fr. McD.

God bless.

ByzRus said...

When I listened to the interview with Cardinal Wuerl, I felt that it sounded like spin. When I listened to the interview with Bishop Morlino, I felt that it sounded like sensible, reasonable and responsible commentary from a true leader. The Church now more than ever needs bishops like Morlino but, given the current leadership, more aren't likely to be consecrated. Morlino will likely be maligned for some of his commentary - commentary that is a reassuring breath of fresh air, particularly for serious Catholics.

Mark Thomas said...

Bishop Morlino, at 4:40: "A lot of people today don't believe in the devil, and I mean Catholics."

I guess that said folks are unaware that, time and again, His Holiness Pope Francis has warned Catholics, as well as the world, that Satan is real.

Catholics should pay attention to Pope Francis' teachings. In turn, Catholics would know that Satan is real...Satan seeks to destroy people,

Catholics would also learn that Pope Francis has, time and again, promoted the Sacrament of Penance.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Why hasn't PF done something about those satanic gay sex parties at the Vatican?

Henry said...


Perhaps those SATANIC rites in the Vatican serve as a constant reminder to Pope Francis that Satan is indeed real.

Carol H. said...


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