Tuesday, August 28, 2018


2 May 2012, during Benedict XVI’s Pontificate, the nuncio Viganò participates to the awarding of the “sanctioned” Cardinal McCarrick (photo taken from Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s blog)


rcg said...

But is this mess about a single, or even two, people? Isn’t it about a system of abuse and large number of abusers acting together? Wasn’t Vigano’s statement that he had put with it and could not any longer? There is a common practise among criminal groups to ask a person getting cold feet why he is complaining now after he has gone along with the enterprise for so long. This is essentially how we got here.

Victor said...

Of course, Vigano was personally involved in the matter he speaks about, not Tornielli. Tornielli says what everyone expects this Modernist ideologue to say in a deceiving way ('the oath of fidelity to the Pope' does not mean being complicit in a coverup by the pope.)

Whistle blowing against so called lefties is dangerous, as David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Merritt found out in facing criminal charges for trying to expose illegal activities of Planned Parenthood. Stalinism is well and alive, even in the Church.

The pope could have easily denied what Vigano accused him of but he did not. Rather, the pope sowed more confusion in the faithful with some ridiculous statement of read and judge for yourselves that insults the intelligence of the reporters and the faithful. That is not the way for a pope to behave. I am sorry to say this, but I what I hear and read coming in defence of the pope is pretty slimy, ad hominem attacks rather than dealing with the factual evidence, a typical move by those who have nothing else to offer in his defence. But that is because these know that Vigano is right, and their hero pope is in big trouble of his own making.

TJM said...


Spot on. I stopped reading Tornielli long ago. He's just a better educated MT