Monday, August 27, 2018


Pope Francis tells reporters to do their job.

Reporters do their job and ask good questions and Pope Francis says, “I will not answer.”

In other words His Holiness pled the 5th and showed the world that at its core, this scandal is about clericalism.

In other news:

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, the former first counsellor at the apostolic nunciature in Washington D.C., has said that the former nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, told “the truth” in his explosive statement released to the press on Aug. 25


Anonymous said...

So that’s the end of it.

Why have investigations in clerical sex abuse.

Now all that priests and bishops accused of abuse or cover up simply have to say is “I will not say a word about this” and the case is closed.

Can the Church in the USA get the 4 billion dollars back that was paid out to victims. All the Church has to say about accusations is No Comment. And s for you victims you had better shut up and just take it. Because we don’t have to even comment on your accusations.

Tom Makin said...

Pope Francis has lost me forever. It is time for him to dust off his black cassock and return to the Jesuit House in Buenos Aires. No "Emeritus status". Please go and live out the years you have left in quiet contemplation. Do no more harm. Please allow the church to flush itself of the rot that has been embraced for so long now. HFPF cannot continue to reign as Supreme Roman Pontiff with any credibility. Wuerl needs to go too, as well and a host of others. I cannot support this any longer. I believe Archbishop Vigano's accounting of things. If he is off a little bit so be it. The substance and tone are spot on I believe and to see this otherwise is to bury ones head in the sand in the desperate hope that time will cover over this. It will not. Without swift and very dramatic action, leveled by a credible leader, we are facing yet another "Reformation".

Fr Martin Fox said...

I don't want to hear one more d*** word about "clericalism" from bishops and the Holy Father, which amounts to saying, look what "little monsters" those parish priests are.

Refusing to answer questions and be transparent and accountable? That is clericalism.

TJM said...

Father Fox,


Victor said...

Francis could not lie by denying the the scandalous charges, so he he had to refuse to answer anything about them, hoping the issue will go way. It indicates that he is guilty as charged. Sadly the issue is about the greatest concern of his papacy, God's mercy.

The incompetence of Francis is at its peak here. In teaching his poorly thought out Modernist views on discernment and God's mercy without the ridged rules of justice (which imply the need for repentance), he is in a pickle for allowing sinners inside the Church, such as McCarrick, to continue to sin without any consequences. Every time the media gets wind of these scandals, Francis is forced to react. You have to wonder how much more is under the covers. Francis should resign not just because of what amounts to promoting homosexual freedom inside the Church, but because of his incompetence as a spiritual teacher which continues to increasingly damage the Church.

Marc said...

Everyone here is forgetting what Mark Thomas has told us many times: The Holy Ghost speaks through Francis. Ergo, it's not Francis saying "no comment," it is the Holy Ghost.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Isn't that funny? The Pope comments on EVERYTHING outside the Church, from the environment to capitalism to tragedies like earthquakes...but refuses to speak truthfully about the goings on inside the Church, which would seem to be within his purview....?

I guess he's the poster boy for clericalism, wouldn't you say?

God bless.

ByzRus said...

Father Fox -

I don't know you personally however, I would be honored should an opportunity arise to meet some day. That aside, be assured that you, and other priests you (Fr. AJM etc) ARE the future and the solution to the problem. My prayer is that the next pontificate, hopefully focused on truth, holiness and recovery, recognizes priests like you in a way and empowers you to lead positive change therefore ensuring the salvation of souls.

Dan said...

Father Fox... insert sounds of clapping here...

TJM said...


Spot on!

Fr Martin Fox said...

Thanks for the kind words.