Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Back in 2002 when the Boston Globe began its spotlight on the egregious number of priests abusing minors in the Boston, reporters themselves became outraged about what they were discovering especially when they spoke to abuse victims. The reporters were horrified, sickened to the point of repulsion and if Catholic, it was destructive to their personal faith.

We've seen the same thing with attorneys when they meet abuse victims and why (and yes money they receive from huge settlements could be a part of their zeal) attorneys are going after the bishops and other institutional aspects of this horror in the manner they have done so. 

There is a great commentary in today's Crux by one of its reporters, Ines San Martin, sharing the same revulsion when she interviewed seminarians who were harassed by homosexual seminarians and faculty in Chile. I recommend you read it at Crux by pressing this headline:

Reflections on the abuse saga: It’s not just about McCarrick


Dan said...

I think hell concept is against the inviolable dignity of the human person now....

ByzRus said...

I read somewhere, recently, something to the effect of, the Church will create more policies, procedures, review boards, lay review boards to address these repulsive horrors. Somehow, all this is necessary to the detriment of what is asked of us by the Commandments and the Gospels.

Do I think the above will be effective? Personally, I think it will be reactive as opposed to proactive and unless the rot is scorched earth removed from the Church, I have little faith much will change long-term. This behavior seems to ingrained, too institutionalized to be addressed by more policies, reviews and paper shuffling under the guise of actually doing something.