Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Apart from what Pope Francis knew and when did he know it about McCarrick, and the unbelievable immoral way bishops managed the selection and supervision of their seminaries, seminarians and those they ordained priests, not to mention bishops popes have chosen, the polarizing liberal agenda of Pope Francis has now brought the Church to the brink of Armageddon.

Every aspect of Pope Francis’ ambiguous and divisive  papacy in nearly six years has brought us back to the divisive 1960’s and ‘70’s after heroic and measured steps by John Paul II and Benedict to lead us forward from that abysmal time.

The hand writing is on the wall! Liberal Catholicism is no Catholicism at all and 1960’s Catholicism in 2018 has brought the Catholic Church and the papacy of Pope Francis to the brink with all its polarizing ugliness.

130,000 people at a papal Mass in Ireland says it all in a symbolic way about what the 1960’s in 2018 has done to the Church. Wake up!


60's Survivor said...

Father, if you take the bishops you have named here and read their formal responses to the abuse crisis and, especially to Vigano's bombshell letter, all are unsatisfactory, to put it mildly.

Cardinal Cupich's denials are simply not believable. He immediately plays the deflection game by discussing the abuse of "children" when the numbers and increasing evidence clearly demonstrate that this is a homosexual crisis, not pedophilia. McCarrick's victims, for example, were mostly fully-grown seminarians. And, unfair as it may sound, Cupich has always looked like a liar. Credibility: ZERO.

But if looks were the only criteria, Cardinal Tobin would flunk the PR test hands down. For one thing, his massive (not chubby, MASSIVE) body suggests an indulgent lifestyle. But the real damning feature is the man's demeanor. He comes across like an angry blowhard who wins arguments by shouting louder than his opponent. He just looks mean. And for any bishops with his experience and position to deny a gay subculture in the Church--that's about as credible as Robert Downey Jr. denying that there is a drug problem in show business. Credibility: ZERO.

Poor Bishop McElroy might be the saddest of the three. He's being groomed for the big chair in a major archdiocese, but he sees the opportunity fading fast. He comes across as a disconnected wonk and his complaints that Vigano's letter reflects a conservative backlash in a divided Church demonstrate his own divisive nature. Plus, given the avalanche of pro-homosexual initiatives he has backed in his short tenure as Bishop of San Diego, his background in San Francisco and his effeminate presence, he lacks the masculinity that one would hope to see in any kind of male leader.

And all three of these men share the same fatal flaw: They are looking to blame someone else.

These bishops are clearly on defense. Their words and actions are the words and actions of men who are scared.

And they ought to be. OH, THEY OUGHT TO BE.

Anonymous said...

If you were a betting man would you put money on having a new conclave in six months? Would you put money that all suspects will be exonerated?

Which diocese is next to be investigated: Philadelphia or New York?

60's Survivor said...

I think it will be at LEAST 6 months before Francis resigns and equally long or longer for these Cardinals and bishops. They are defiant, entrenched and, from many of their statements, they just don't get it.

When the money stops coming in, some will finally begin to understand.

TJM said...

I find it very telling that Cardinal Dolan has been very, very quiet on this matter.

The only weapon the laity has besides its prayers, is to withhold money, the only language these lefties understand