Thursday, August 30, 2018


The National Chismatic Reporter (NCR) has a very good article HERE which includes the above video. I still believe that Pope Benedict has to clarify what he did or didn’t do in terms of sanctions on McCarrick and Pope Francis has to be honest and transparent about what he knew.

We Catholics, clergy and laity alike, should demand this transparency. Archbishop Viganò must also explain what is in the video above. Was there blackmail from McCarrick, with his pathological HOMOSEXUALIST CLERICALISM, and threatened to bring others down with him, including Pope Benedict, if sanctions were actually enforced? In other words did McCarrick give the finger to Pope Benedict and the late US papal nuncio Archbishop Sambi who suddenly, unexpectedly died shortly after his tumultuous meeting with McCarrick? What did McCarrick say or threaten to Sambi???

And why isn’t an Attorney General issuing court orders for both McCarrick and Viganò to testify?

This all seems to be a sequel to the Davinci Code movies or Godfather V!

Folks, the best thing any of us can do is to pray, offer Masses, novenas, Rosaries and the like for the next pope who is out there! May God raise up a man of God who will sort out this diabolical mess from the top down and restore our Catholic Church as the unblemished Bride of Christ!


Joseph Johnson said...

Fr. McDonald,
You may be interested to know that, last night at our parish council meeting, my pastor talked of the need for a "sackcloth and ashes" period of repentance and purification in the Church. My immediate response was to say, "Judica me Deus . ." He seemed a bit caught off guard but I reminded him of how Mass used to start (and still does in the EF) with Psalm 42 and the Confiteor before the priest ascended the altar.

This morning, he sent me (as well as some other parishioners and priests, as well as our bishop) an email stating that, for the next month, he will be beginning every liturgy on his knees praying a lamentation psalm (OK--could just use Psalm 42 and Confiteor).

Also attached, he sent a National "Chismatic" Reporter editorial (acknowledging to me individually that he knows that the NCR is not my favorite publication) entitled "It's Time to Choose the Painful Path of Purification." I read it and agree with much of it except for its negative assessment of the Vigano letter and its refutation of the argument that homosexuality in the priesthood is at the root of the sex abuse crisis (it may not be THE root but it is a major cause--when 80% of victims are male and a lot of it is has been homosexual acts with seminarians as well as minors--I tend to agree with Bishop Morlino on that one).

'Just thought you'd find this interesting. My pastor and myself both have been following the Vigano situation closely and texting and emailing each other.

Anonymous said...


Sounds as if your pastor knows he cannot avoid accepting the facts. Yet, he he still resents it when he also has to face that the current situation is largely due to unchaste homosexual misbehavior among the clergy. And, of course, its subsequent cover ups by bishops. These were not just sexual sins but in many instances the perpetrators combined their filthy proclivities with offending against the Eucharist or sacred spaces, engaging in sacrilegious behaviors.

He may not be a part of the problem but he definitely resents being a part of the solution.

Rejecting Psam 42 reminds him of Tradition. He can't abide it. Yet without a return to Tradition we are not going to make progress. So, in my private opinion, his generation of priest will have to learn and be convinced that without returning to Catholic truth as Vincent of Lerins defined it all his penance will fall short of Christian prayer. It is like the fake apology of the offender who say is sorry I made you cry but not sorry for what he did to the crying person.

St> Vincent of Lerins said: The way you pray is the way you believe. Hard to be Catholic and pray as a Catholic without Sacred Tradition.

TJM said...

Joseph Johnson.

Gasp! your pastor is actually Catholic and not a Social Justice Worker? Your story is inspiring.

Victor said...

Fr McD:
"Was there blackmail from ....."

Interesting conspiracy theories. Blackmail may even be widespread in the curia, perhaps because practising homosexuality is widespread and many Catholics still consider it to be a serious sin making for a situation of great scandal.

Be that as it may, in all this I see the pope as a problem in this abuse crisis in the Church. He has the same sentimentalist view of mercy prevalent after Vatican II that made the serious sin of sodomy something not much to worry about. One simply forgives and forgets. This was the problem with all these bishops who simply transferred the offenders. Say a few hail Mary's and God will forgive you, and you can go on your way. Just keep quiet to avoid scandal with those "rigid" Catholics and spare the diocese excessive hush money. This does not speak much about treating the victims pastorally. But, then, the idea of "pastoral" deriving from Vatican II was a canard to begin with, simply an opening for Modernist moral reforms to enter the Church. It should be no wonder why the Catholic Church starting becoming a haven/heaven for pracising homosexuals after Vatican II.

We now know that Cdl Muller warned the pope about his attitude of treating practising homosexuals in the hierarchy so leniently, that is, "mercifully". The pope applied his theory of mercy to McCarrick, Inzoli, and who knows how many other sinful abusers. And he continues to do so, which is why he is a problem. He even ended up firing Muller and his three collaborators who were impediments to his theory of "mercy". Modernists may not think that sodomy is a serious sin, maybe even venial if a sin at all, and this pope continues the hypocritical stance of cleaning up the abuse only when scandal is apparent, that is, when the media discover the "abuses." By that I mean that "abuse" seems to be in the eye of the beholder, serious for some, not serious for others despite the damage to the victims.

ByzRus said...

It seems, given the behavior of some in the hierarchy as noted in the Pennsylvania Report as well in Abp. Vigano's Text that, they are capable of anything. Pope Benedict XVI's abrupt departure could easily have been at the influence and pressure of others. Unfortunately, only Benedict XVI can confirm this definitively.

DJR said...

This video cuts off in the middle of the meeting between Pope Francis and Archbishop Vigano. Where is the rest?

We know without doubt that there are forces in the Vatican that fabricate things.

English speaking translation of "disciples of Satan" was changed.

The pope's recent remarks regarding homosexuality and psychiatry were scrubbed.

The pope's statement regarding how many marriages are invalid was changed.

There was a failed attempt at hiding parts of a letter from Pope Benedict, with a book placed over the important section, and then presenting the letter as if it were an endorsement by the previous pope. Et cetera.

The Vatican has become a cesspool.

In the meantime, Steve Ray has submitted his resignation as regent of Ave Maria University, and Bishop Lopes implies that the bishops and cardinals who deny that they knew about former cardinal McCarrick are lying.

TJM said...

Imply they were lying? They were lying - anyone who believes otherwise is a simpleton.