Thursday, August 2, 2018


This is important because it comes from Rome and published in a Roman newspaper. It is the intrepid Sandro Magister's article printed today in that paper in Rome. What I post is an excerpt but you can read the entire article by pressing the title below:

McCarrick and His Proteges. The Miraculous Career of Cardinal Farrell


In the final phase of the pontificate of John Paul II and during the pontificate of Benedict XV, (before he was a Cardinal Kevin) Farrell never stood out among the American cardinals and bishops of progressive stamp. McCarrick did. For example, he was among the critics of the directive given by Joseph Ratzinger to the bishops of the United States to withhold communion from Catholic politicians in favor of the legalization of abortion. And he was an open supporter of one of these “pro-choice” politicians, John Kerry, in the presidential election campaign of 2004.

But after Benedict XVI was replaced by Pope Francis, Farrell also rapidly aligned himself with the new course. In the United States, he immediately teamed up with the new progressive leaders - they too with McCarrick as their patron - Blaise Cupich and Joseph Tobin, promoted by Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Chicago and Newark respectively, both of them also promptly made cardinals. He enthusiastically hailed “Amoris Laetitia” in its interpretation in favor of communion for the divorced and remarried. Above all, having become in the meantime the cardinal prefect of the new Vatican dicastery for laity, family and life, he signed the preface to and recommendation of one of the books most representative of the new Bergoglian climate:

> James Martin S.J., "Building a Bridge. How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity", HarperCollins US, 2018.

The author, one of the best-known Jesuits in the United States and a leading writer for the magazine “America,” wants this book to open the way to a substantial revision, by the “pastoral” path, of the doctrine of the Catholic Church on homosexuality.

But Cardinal Farrell’s preface to the book is not the only authoritative form of support he has given to this coveted paradigm shift. Farrell, because of the role he now occupies in the curia, is also the official director of the upcoming world meeting of families in Dublin, at the end of August, where Martin will be among the guest speakers, together with homosexual couples from all over the world.
Not to mention Pope Francis’s personal move in this same direction, with the appointment of Martin as an adviser for the new Vatican dicastery for communication, a clear sign of appreciation for this Jesuit’s activity.

Of course, it is easy to charge John Paul II and the Vatican officials of the time with having lacked prudence in promoting to the highest levels a churchman with a notoriously unexemplary life like McCarrick, ignoring all the alarm signals that came to them.

But what seems even more rash is the decision of Pope Francis to call to Rome as head of the dicastery for the family a character like Farrell, who had one after another as his villainous mentors the serial predators Maciel and McCarrick, and moreover presents himself today as a proponent of the legitimization of homosexual amours.

And this is by no means a matter of an isolated case. On the council of 9 cardinals called by Francis to assist him in the “governance of the universal Church,” no fewer than three have been hamstrung on account of sexual abuse:

- the Australian George Pell, on trial in his country;

- the Chilean Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa, accused of having defended to the extreme, against all evidence, the serial abuser priest Antonio Karadima and his disciple bishop Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid, on whose innocence even Pope Francis himself expended all of his authority until the beginning of this year, only to acknowledge his guilt afterward and remove him;

- the Honduran Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, still the coordinator of the “C9” but whose auxiliary bishop and protoge Juan José Pineda was removed last July 20 on account of continuous sexual abuse verified by an apostolic visitation.

But to these must be added not a few churchmen of nonchalant homosexual behavior who populate Bergoglio’s retinue, whom he has wanted close to him on an individual basis: “in primis” that Monsignor Battista Ricca who manages Casa Santa Marta and acts as the official go-between for the pope and the Institute for Works of Religion, the gossip-ridden Vatican “bank.” Having distinguished himself for scandalous conduct when he was a nunciature official in Algiers, in Bern, and even more so in Montevideo, and having been called back to Rome for this reason Ricca saw his personal dossier in the curia rewritten “ex novo” with this record of his expunged, rebuilt his career from the ground up and entered into the good graces of the current pope, who referred to none other than him, at the beginning of his pontificate, with that famous phrase: “Who am I to judge?” which has become a universal byword.

(English translation by Matthew Sherry, Ballwin, Missouri, U.S.A.)


rcg said...

If this arc continues we will see horrors. But we need to see them and remain true to the Church and Her teachings as we know them to be true. Prepare to see a tie between money and emmigration that will singe your eyebrows.

Dan said...

Don't fool yourselves. These men were advanced BECAUSE all the complaints that were made indicated that they were going to be a lot of fun at the "parties."

Anonymous said...

Benedict XVI left a dossier for PF describing the homosexual cabal in the Church. PF was asked about the existence of a cabal. He admitted that the cabal exists but quickly passed over the reporter's question. Later he made the famous statement. He also rehabilitated the homosexual "bishop" who was fired as nuncio by Benedict XVI. PF seems to have a soft spot for members of the cabal when they get into trouble.

Can a practicing homosexual be validly ordained bishop or even priest? I wonder.

Dan said...

Rcg, haven't you noticed? They are distoring, diluting, and destroying the faith AND denigrating those who profess it. "Rigid neo-pelagians" anyone?

I have come to see THIS "monster" church as the enemy of THE Church. Encouraged by the Francis.

Carol H. said...

Like an infected wound, the Church will not properly heal until the infection is cut away.

Anonymous said...

There is still one name of an American in Rome who was formally highly placed that has not surfaced. He was a "gatekeeper" and maybe was paid handsomely to make McCarrick's problems and those of other bishops and priests "go away."

Cletus Ordo said...

There are a number of folks in Dallas who looked upon Farrell's tenure as bishop as nothing less than a disaster.

Frankly, I have had it with Irish imports coming to the US and becoming bishops. The age of solid Irish priests ended some time in the early 70's and the Irish Church is sicker than sick and weaker than weak. The last crop of Irish bishops who were granted American dioceses (yes, including the one you're thinking of) just didn't measure up. There were other candidates who could have done a better job, but it's looking more and more like they subscribed to the wrong politics to get that promotion.

TJM said...

These cardinals are all left-wingers, left-wingers, left-wingers