Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Say what you will about Bishop Barron, he's a great teacher and easy to listen to. This is a long video but well worth the listen:


Henry said...

I'd rather remain charitably silent about Bp. Barron, but here's a recollection the three-Mass banner brought to mind:

Arriving early one 2007 morning at St. Francis de Sales Oratory (while visiting St. Louis) about an hour before a new ICK priest's first solemn high Mass the day after his traditional ordination by Card. Burke, I witnessed simultaneously five different silent low Masses celebrated by five different priests--one at the high altar and the other four at four different side altars--each with a single server. The five Masses having started at five slightly different times, I had the experience of adoring Our Lord at five successive elevations. Echoing Card. Ratzinger's comment after a similar experience at a traditional French monastery, I thought "This is the real Catholic Church", which I once (in the bleakest post Vatican II days) had thought gone with the wind. Even more impressive than the magnificent solemn high Mass that followed, perhaps rivaling in just a few moments the "four hours of heaven" solemn pontifical Mass of ordination celebrated in the St. Louis Basilica Cathedral the previous afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

The liturgy was not the only thing to change with implementation of Vatican II. Recall the change in "catechisis" (if that is what you want to call the change to how the Faith was taught to children and adolescents.)

I hope the findings of the study cited by Bishop Barron are not a surprise to anyone who attended the conference. But the findings seemed to surprise him, and confirm what he experiences daily on his blog. And now I expect the "experts" will spend 10 or 20 years discussing what they should do about it. In the meantime, Rome burns... :-)

God bless.