Thursday, March 1, 2018


At a conference for bishops to discuss Amoris Laetitia, one priest said this to show that he is a model for and much better than any priest who doesn't do this to include, I presume, Pope Francis who does not do this:

One person referred to what he found when he first entered his parish ten years ago, which he called "a very simple approach to accompaniment, eight years prior to Amoris Laetitia being written."
He recalled that at the conclusion of the entrance hymn, the pastor greeted the congregation and said, pausing for emphasis where appropriate and making eye contact with as many as possible: "Good morning and welcome to the Catholic Community of … No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey: All. Are. Welcome." 
To this day, the pastor says that every Sunday.
My comment! Oh really? This needs to be stated? What ever happened to the inclusivity of the pre-Vatican II Mass and parishes that obligated every Roman Catholic under the threat and pain of mortal sin if they didn't fulfill their obligatio, to "hear"the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Catholics of all kinds were so welcomed that not to be at Mass threatened their immortal soul with damnation!


TJM said...

what bilge. That would be the one and only Mass I would attend where this guy is the celebrant. Why doesn't he just proclaim: it's all about me, me, me, me.

Victor said...

"All are welcome."
With this attitude, which I have seen too often, it seems the modern Church is the opposite of the early Church, as the catechumens then had to leave for the sacred Mystery which only the faithful could attend. The possibility of sacrilege against the Mystery was too great otherwise. The modern Church, like the European Enlightenment, does not like sacred mysteries.

rcg said...

This is the same mentality that needs to have gender (hate that usage) neutral pronouns for prayers to the Father. Rather than teach the proper understanding they undermine the prayer. They are in need of charitable correction.

Henry said...

"My comment! . . ."

Amen, Fr. McDonald. I sometimes think that "All are welcome here" implies "Except maybe serious Catholics." For instance, at my home parish of pre-Vatican II days, now so gay-welcoming that I can't really fell at home there.

Anonymous said...

Lately at every parish I visit the Mass begins the same way. A parishioner goes to the pulpit and welcomes everyone, they give an introduction of the Mass (this is the second Sunday of...), give a synopsis of the gospel message, and list who the presided and servers will be. Can't the beginning of a Mass begin with something like an antiphon?

Cletus Ordo said...

Fr. Fullofhimself, begone!

Gene said...

"Hurry, hurry, hurry, right this way!! Come one come all and meet the Smilin' Mighty Jesus...he laughs, he dances, he loves everybody! Got five divorces? He don't care. Light in your loafers...pedophile, he don't care. Zen Buddhist, Pelagian, earth mother, pantheist? He don't care. He's whoever you want him to be...Ghandi, Buddah, Jim Jones, Lao Tzu...Don't miss this spectacular event...just one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar, he even walks on water...right this way!!"

TJM said...


Sounds like a typical Novus Ordo parish! LOL

Anonymous said...

Gene, as younger man, and reading books by serious scholars which were sold at protestant seminary bookstores, did you like Philip Yancey ever encounter Jesus as a:

a political revolutionary,
as a magician who married Mary Magdalene,
as a Galilean charismatic,
as a rabbi,
as a peasant Jewish Cynic,
a Pharisee,
an anti-Pharisee Essene'
or as an eschatological prophet, or
as a "hippie in a world of Augustan yuppies",
or perhaps as the hallucinogenic leader of a sacred mushroom cult ??

Henry said...

"that obligated every Roman Catholic under the threat and pain of mortal sin if they didn't fulfill their obligatio, to "hear"the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?"

Is it different now? If the obligation is different now, it's news to me.