Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The Navy in Savannah wants to be kissed and Saint Patrick will not come between this kiss off! 😘 


Sailors welcome kisses at St. Patrick’s parade

I am the coordinator for the Navy portion of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I have contacted the commands at King’s Bay and Mayport, and they want their sailors to be kissed by as many ladies as possible. They will be wearing their dress blues and red lipstick looks good with Navy blue. We will have sailors from the USS Alaska, SSBN 732, and the USS Sioux City, LCS 9. If the drill instructors from Parris Island are able to attend, they are fair game also. And tell the ladies not to forget the riding officers.

Joe Tillman, Savannah


Joseph Johnson said...

I never served in the Navy but I have always liked the "landing party" or "under arms" (a term from the WWII officer's manual) dress of sailors and officers. By that, I mean the practice of sailors and officers wearing white (or khaki) ammo belts (for enlisted) and pistol belts (petty officers and officers) over the dress uniform with the trousers being tucked into white (or khaki) lace-up canvas leggings (the leggings being a uniform item that dates from the Spanish-American War but is most identified with WWII, when they were also worn by the Marines and the Army). The enlisted usually have have parade rifles (typically 1903 Springfields or M1's) over their shoulders while the officers carry a sword with a pistol in their holster. See "The Sand Pebbles" with Steve McQueen for an example of this.

Brendan said...

What we have learned is that the Vice President and fallen-away Catholic Mike Pence will be in Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. He will observe from City Hall, then march a few blocks with the 3rd Infantry Division.

Along with the unavoidable security logistics nightmare - squares will be emptied and stores and buildings along his route off-limits for parade-watchers - chairs, cooler, etc, will be banned from his route as well.

The "No Kissing" rule came from the Army, not "feminists," most likely because they knew in advance the VEEP would be marching along and you cannot have people dashing out from the sidelines when the VEEP is in the mix.

TJM said...


Pence may be a fallen away Catholic but at least he is not evil, pretending to be catholic like Pelosi, etal

Anonymous said...

Whatever you think of her politics, Madame Pelosi is a mother of five (in six years) and a Catholic in good standing. Pence claims to be some kind of part-Catholic, part-evangelical hybrid. Like most Catholic right-wingers, his views have nothing to do with the Church's historic positions on poverty, immigration, race or standing up for working people. Let them go follow Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson.

Anonymous said...

Pence may well be evil.

There is much written about his (and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos') participation in Seven Mountain Dominionism, a Christian political ideological scheme that is based in 1) a severely flawed understanding of "dominion" in Genesis 1:28, and 2) a very flawed understanding of the freedoms we are assured by the Constitution.

Consider that, in such a Dominionist scheme, there is little, if any, room for Catholics and Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

"Mommy" wouldn't approve if Pence got kissed.

TJM said...

Bnonymous Kavanaugh,

Pelosi public positions render her an apostate and you have no way of knowing if she is a Catholic in good standing because Archbishop Cordileone hasn't gone public with her as Bishop Paprocki of Springfield did with regard to fake catholic Dick Durbin. Pence may no longer be a practicing Catholic but his views on the sanctity of life are laudable compared to Nancy Pelosi's embrace of instrinsic evil. Disgusting that a Catholic priest would side with her.

Anonymous said...

TJM, as a mother of five, Madame Pelosi doesn't have to defend her record of life to the values-challenged. The abortion issue is a smokescreen by political opponents. Unlike our president and many of his lackeys, I'm certain she's never been responsible for an abortion or facilitated one. If you think former Catholics like Pence are so swell, you probably already are one & don't know it.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh, Frau Goebbels murdered her 7 children rather than having them live in a country no longer ruled by Uncle Adolph. I think Pelosi fits that mold given her perverted and twisted "values." You are a reprehensible example of maltrained clergy no longer possessing a Catholic moral compass. May God have mercy on your soul

Anonymous said...

Thank you, TJM, I will pray for your soul as well, but in keeping with Father McDonald’s no-name calling policy shall not label you twisted, perverted or Nazi-like. Have a great day.