Friday, March 2, 2018


It seems to me that the progressive left are the neo-racists today. Remember when Cardinal Kasper was caught lying about something His Eminence said about Africans, only to have an audio tape proving he had made a racist, xenophobic remark?

Cardinal Walter Kasper has suggested that the African bishops participating in the Vatican summit on marriage have their own problems, but “they should not tell us too much what we have to do.”

Reactions to Kasper’s remarks came fast and furious, and included accusations of racism and xenophobia, and demands that the German cardinal apologize for his dismissive remarks about African bishops.

It seems Rita Ferrone of Praytell and Commonweal is in Cardinal Kasper's elite league condescending towards anyone who doesn't agree with their progressive ideology be it marriage or liturgy.

The racism shown toward conservative African prelates, like Cardinal Sarah, may have moved our Holy Father to recognize how progressive liturgists are the truly rigid ones who would like to denigrate African conservatives as being backwards, fundamentalists and ignorant of things liturgical since Vatican II rediscovered the early Church's home Masses, Communion in the hand while standing. If only Cardinal Sarah knew what the early Church did, he won't insult better educated Catholics who reverently receive Holy Communion standing and in the hand as participating in the devil's plan to thwart the mission of Vatican II.

So no news is good news concerning the dismissal of Cardinal Sarah from his position as the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship. Our Holy Father certainly won't want to get onto the progressive bandwagon that Cardinal Sarah is backward, a fundamentalist or completely ignorant of liturgical history African. Our Holy Father isn't a racist.

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rcg said...

I don’t think disagreeing with Cardinal Sarah makes one a racist. I am not sure that Cardinal Kasper was speaking racially when criticizing African bishops. I do think the progressives have a very inconsistent approach to Liturgical reform that has glaring omissions in its rationale. It seems when people get close to pointing those gaps out the progressives overreact and grab on to any handle to make a club.