Wednesday, March 28, 2018


This is reported by Crux, so it has to be true! Press title for complete article. My excerpts below:

Youth leaders insist ‘no conspiracy’ to silence fans of traditional liturgy

  • Inés San Martín
    Mar 28, 2018 
  • ...The post shared on Monday was an attempt to reassure critics of the document that there was no conspiracy against them.
    “We understand some people’s disappointment that the final language was not to their precise liking, but it must be made clear that there has not been not any kind of conspiracy against those who prefer more traditional forms of liturgy,” the statement said...


John Nolan said...

What a load of bollocks. I thought a gathering of bishops was a synod, not a summit.

Anonymous said...

Who is kidding who. After the fiasco of the last synod it is crystal clear that the “synod process” is the means chosen by Francis and I
his cohorts to undermine Church Teaching and practice. The final document is probably already written. It’s been decided to abolish priestly celibacy and they will probably call for official recognition of couples living in homosexual unions. The bishops will be stacked with the usual heretics that Francis surrounds himself with. Then another disaster our papal document will be issued which causes confusion and further undermines Catholic morality. Then the spineless bishops of the world will remain silent while the heretics say acceptance of mortal sin is merciful and doesn’t undermine Church teaching. Blah blah blah. Evil.

TJM said...

sad to say, the but Vatican is full of a legion of liars. The fish rots from the head.

Henry said...

Sounds like business as usual in the current discredited papacy:

The controversy centers around a disconnect between the in-person working groups in Rome and comments left in a special Facebook group called “Synod2018”, which was set up to allow young people from around the world to add their thoughts to the document. At 2,260 members, the Facebook group is significantly larger than the in-person gathering was. And as it turned out, many members of that group were repeating a common theme about what they wanted from the Church: namely, more access to reverent liturgy — specifically the traditional liturgy, otherwise known as the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass.

“I’m sure by now you’re probably aware,” read an image of one Facebook comment with all the identifying information redacted, “of the dumpster fire that is the 2018 Pre-Synodal document.” “Refreshingly, the VAST majority of responses in the group were demanding greater access to the Tridentine Mass, recapturing tradition, and greater reverence in the Mass (Whether it be EF or OF)”.

Nevertheless, the commenter wrote, “many of us were shocked to find there is no mention of this in the final document” and “many young people are not happy with the current way things are going, despite what the Pre-Synodal document would have you believe.”

ByzRC said...

Fr. Dwight Longenecker:

"Liberal Catholicism is the establishment religion. One academic feminist said to me recently, “I prefer to work within the system.” Well, that’s the kiss of death to any spirit led movement as far as I’m concerned. The Liberal establishment system might control their journals, their colleges and control things in Rome and in the dioceses, but the real life of the church is at the grass roots level, and those folks have zero connection with what is really going on."