Friday, March 2, 2018



TJM said...

Father McDonald, thanks for posting the pictures of real nuns performing their charitable mission. For those geriatric orders still around, I suspect Sister Mary Pantsuit is too busy virtue-signalling instead of actually providing active service.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it is amazing how much I can both learn and re-learn by helping my children with their homework assignments.
One of my children has to do an assignment on the Catholic teaching on euthanasia.
My internet searches led me to reading about Eileen Egan (1912-2000) who was a journalist, a Catholic activist and also a longtime friend of Mother Teresa (she wrote her biography: Such a Vision: Mother Teresa, the Spirit and the Work.) Also, it was Eileen Egan who first coined the term "seamless garment" to describe the unity of Catholic teaching on life issues, not Cardinal Bernardin who popularized the term later in the 1980s. I wonder why in my life I have heard quite a bit about Cardinal Bernardin, but nothing till now of Eileen Egan? I have spent an hour or so today reading about Egan.