Saturday, December 5, 2015


The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar omits Psalm 42 as in the EF!

Candles are not used at the Gospel and incense is not blessed or used until the Offertory!

The Gloria is not said; nor the Alleluia, nor "the Lord be in my heart or is the Book of the Gospels kissed at the end of the reading!

The Gradual is explicit!

The tract is explicit!

The Dies Irae is explicit!

The Creed is not said!

Water is not blessed at the Offertory and the Glory be to the Father is omitted throughout the Mass!

In the Agnus Dei, instead of have mercy upon us is said grant them rest and the third time grant them rest everlasting!

The Option of saying "Lord I am not worthy" three times is possible for all Masses!

In place of the Blessing and Dismissal is said "may they rest in peace!


Victor W said...

It took former Anglicans to remind Catholics of purgatory. The Bugnini Mass assumes that everyone will go to heaven.

Vox Cantoris said...

Father, what about the Triduum?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The Triduum is almost exactly as in the Ordinary Form except for the old English. The only addition is a Liturgy of the Word for Saturday morning or any time during the day but before the Vigil. The foot washing is after the homily.

John Nolan said...

Most of the features of the Ordinariate Use Requiem are available as options in the Novus Ordo, including the Tract outside of Lent and the Dies Irae sequence. Si ambulem was the Sarum Gradual (given here as an alternative, as it is in the 1974 Graduale) and the Tract in the Sarum Use was Sicut cervus (also an option in the Novus Ordo).

I don't know where they got the Collect from; I can't find it in the Roman Missal (older or newer) and it sounds a bit Protestant to me.