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Pope Francis this morning opened the Holy Door at his own Cathedral, the Basilica of St. John Lateran and he did wear rose color vestments (cope first and chasuble second)! Did your parish priest follow the example of Pope Francis this morning? I have, did, and will! Thank you Holy Father for your liturgical leadership this Gaudete Sunday. Rejoice!

Pope: Don't let sadness win in these fearful times

Associated Press
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis called on humanity Sunday not to let sadness prevail because of the many forms of violence afflicting the world.

Francis cited no specific violent event in his homily in a Rome basilica, St. John in Lateran. But he said: "We can't let ourselves be overcome by weariness. No form of sadness is allowed, even if we would have reason to, because of the many worries and multiple forms of violence which wound our humanity."

The ceremony was part of the special church Holy Year highlighting his emphasis on the importance of mercy and pardon.

After opening a symbolic Holy Door in the ancient cathedral, Francis told the faithful that "God doesn't love rigidity" but is tender.

(False propaganda from the media warning:) Since being elected pontiff in 2013, Francis has tried to reshape the image held by many of the Roman Catholic church as one defined largely by rigid dogma. His predecessor in the papacy was Benedict XVI, who had long served as the Vatican's watchdog of doctrinal orthodoxy.

(False dichotomy warning:) Francis, instead, wants the church to be characterized by forgiveness. The Holy Year, which formally began on Dec. 8, when Francis opened the ornate bronze Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica, marks the start of "the time of great pardon," Francis said in his homily.

To emphasize his attention to those living in poverty or otherwise marginalized, Francis anticipated the official start of the Holy Year while on a pilgrimage to Africa in late November. Then, he pushed open the simple wooden door at the cathedral in Bangui, in conflict-torn Central African Republic.
The Holy Year runs through Nov. 20.


The invitation extended by the Prophet to the ancient city of Jerusalem is also addressed today to the whole Church and each one of us: "Rejoice ... exault!" (Zephaniah 3:14). The reason for joy is expressed with words that inspire hope, and which can look to the future with serenity. The Lord has annulled every condemnation and chose to live among us.

This third Sunday of Advent draws our gaze towards Christmas, which is now close. We cannot let ourselves be taken in by weariness; sadness in any form is not allowed, even though we have reason (for sadness), with many concerns and the many forms of violence which hurt our humanity. The coming of the Lord, however, must fill our hearts with joy. The prophet Zephaniah, in whose very name is inscribed  the content of this announcement, opens our hearts to trust: "God protects" His people. In a historical context of great abuse and violence, especially by men of power, God knows that He will reign over his people, who would never leave them at the mercy of the arrogance of their leaders, and will free them from all anxiety. Today, we are asked not to let our “hands grow weak” because of doubt, impatience or suffering.

The Apostle Paul takes with force the teaching of the prophet Zephaniah and reiterates: "The Lord is near" (Phil 4,5). Because of this we should rejoice always, and with our affability give all witness of closeness and care that God has for each person.

We have opened the Holy Door, here and in all the cathedrals of the world. Even this simple sign is an invitation to joy. It begins a time of the great forgiveness. It is the Jubilee of Mercy. It is time to rediscover the presence of God and his fatherly tenderness. God does not love rigidity. He is Father; He is tender; everything done with the tenderness of the Father. We too, like the crowds asked John, "What do we do?" (Lk 3:10). The response of the Baptist was immediate. He invites us to act justly and to look after the needs of those in need. What John demands of his representatives, however, it is what is reflected in the law. We, however, are prompted toward a more radical commitment. Before the Holy Door we are called to cross, we are asked to be instruments of mercy, knowing that we will be judged on this. He who is baptized knows he has a greater commitment. Faith in Christ leads to a journey that lasts for a lifetime: to be merciful, like the Father. The joy of crossing through the Door of Mercy is accompanied by a commitment to welcome and witness to a love that goes beyond justice, a love that knows no boundaries. It is from this infinite love that we are responsible, in spite of our contradictions.

We pray for us and for all who pass through the Door of Mercy, that we may understand and welcome the infinite love of our Heavenly Father, recreates, transforms and reforms life.


JustMe said...

Yes, my pastor (Fr. Rafael Carballo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help / Carrollton) did 😀

Gene said...

The rose colored vestments will match the rose colored glasses of Vat II.

Mark Thomas said...

Yes...rose-colored vestments at a nearby parish.

By the way, Rorate Caeli insisted that included in Pope Francis' remarks at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran were nasty shots at Traditionalists. Does anybody know what Pope Francis said today that is to be understood as nastiness directed at Traditionalists?


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Of course he had a "nasty" shot at Traditionalists we are his main target since he was elected we are just waiting it out, what else can we who will save Holy Church do but pray and wait for a savior sent by the Holy Ghost to restore Tradition and the TLM to Holy Mother Church, remember just pray and wait and don't say nasty things about Francis even though he continues his barrage against us. We all know who and what he is all about and quite frankly it is scary, I never thought in my life time I would see an anti-pope, WOW I said it and the truth feels great!!!

Mark Thomas said...

What did Pope Francis say today that is supposedly a dig at Traditionalists? Does anybody have the Pope's words from today that Rorate Caeli insisted were directed against Traditional Catholics?

Sorry, but I am leery of Rorate Caeli. I would like to read what Pope Francis said. Thank you.


Mark Thomas