Saturday, December 19, 2015


 Worship with pets at special church service

The Church of the Holy Comforter is inviting guests and their pets to a special Christmas service in the sanctuary at 473 Fury’s Ferry Road at 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20.

The service will include carols and Holy Communion.
This is not a blessing of the animals but an opportunity to worship with pets.
 For more information, call (706) 210-1133 or go to


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Let me be the first to exclaim that I am houndfounded by this! :)

Doodler said...

Can I bring an ox, an ass and a camel? Perhaps a few sheep? The manger was in the animal stable!!!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Certainly you can bring your ass. There will be plenty of them there! :)

Gene said...

It is a gimmick...just like female Priests and the entire Episcopalian church. I think they should throw open the doors to lions, and tigers, and bears. That might empty their hopeless churches.

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Father McDonald, I literally just seconds ago had finished reading the following about the Episcopal Church:

All statistics are dated 2014 A.D. unless otherwise noted:


-- 90% of Episcopalians are white.

-- 62.1% of all Americans are white.

-- 31% of Episcopalians are 65 or older.

-- 14.5% of all Americans are 65 or older.

-- 79% of Episcopalians do not have a child under 18. (Think about that. No children, no future.)


-- 60 is the median Episcopal ASA.

-- 70% of Episcopal congregations have an ASA of 100 or fewer.

-- 4% of Episcopal congregations have an ASA of 300 or more.

-- 53% of Episcopal congregations lost 10 percent in ASA (past 5 years).

-- 18% of Episcopal congregations gained 10 percent in ASA (past 5 years).


-- 150 is the median Episcopal church membership.

-- 60% of Episcopal congregations have membership of 200 or fewer.

-- 14% of Episcopal congregations have membership of 500 or more.

-- 40% of Episcopal congregations lost 10 percent in membership (past 5 years).

-- 24% of Episcopal congregations gained 10 percent in membership (past 5 years).

-- 47% of Episcopalians say the Bible is not the Word of God.

-- 51% of Episcopalians seldom or never read Scripture.

-- 18% of Episcopalians primarily look to religion for guidance on right and wrong.

-- 79% of Episcopalians think abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

-- 74% of Episcopalians favor same-sex marriage.

SOURCE: New FACTs on Episcopal Growth and Decline The Office of the General Convention Episcopal Domestic Fast Facts Trends 2010-2014


Mark Thomas

qwikness said...

Anglicans/Episcopals permit Freemasonry as well. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent is Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England afterall.

Gene said...

Even Lutherans reject Freemasonry.

John Nolan said...

About thirty-five years ago a man whom I knew socially (he drank in the same pub and was the husband of a work colleague) rather surprisingly invited me to drop in for a coffee and asked if I might be interested in becoming a member of 'the Craft'.

'It's kind of you to offer, but I have to point out that I am a Catholic.'
'That's not a problem. The Scottish lodges don't accept Catholics, but the English lodges do.'
'You've missed the point. Were I to become a Mason I would incur excommunication latae sententiae'.

Not long afterwards the discovery of Roberto Calvi's body hanging under Blackfriars Bridge gave rise to suspicions of Freemasonry at higher levels in the Vatican, and the revised Code of Canon Law removed the automatic excommunication which had been in the 1917 Code. Not to mention the rumours concerning Annibale Bugnini. It is quite possible that the vast majority of the world's Catholics attend a rite of Mass whose principal architect was an excommunicate. Now there's a thought.

qwikness said...

Surely they're not going to give communion to the dogs? Are they? Tell me 'No,' please.

Gene said...

quikness, would it really surprise you? They've already given it to Pelosi, Biden, and Kerry...what's a few dogs. We've had it in Dixie Cups...what's the problem with a Fido bowl? Hey, get with the modern world...who are we to judge. Why, now, even dyslexics won't have in difficulty..."I believe in Dog,..."

Anonymous said...

Well, there are actually a few areas they are more conservative than the Romans. Most Episcopal churches still retain altar rails, and some even use Latin on occasion---like at Atlanta's Cathedral of St. Philip yesterday where a few carols were actually sung in Latin. No Latin at my Mass here in Atlanta yesterday!

Unfortunately otherwise, the liberals pretty much control that shrinking Church, even in the supposedly more conservative South. They had a fairly conservative presiding bishop from Mississippi (John Allin) a generation ago, but after that, the liberals have retained control of the Church's highest office.