Monday, November 14, 2011


It seems to me that most people who are Catholic are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. They are looking for community, the knowledge of right and wrong and they are looking for affirmation, love and forgiveness. I would hope too they are looking for the way to eternal life which can only be found in Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life.

Some Catholics want a deep spiritual awareness of the Real Presence of Christ in the Church, in the Sacraments and in their lives.

But some Catholics get side tracked by peripheral affairs. When we get preoccupied by the sins of commission and omission of other Catholics then we can become sidetracked.

If we get too involved in the politics of the Church, the intrigue of the different factions in the Church, we can really go astray and live in the hothouse of controversy and opinion which is no different than the secular counterparts of various organizations.



Pater Ignotus said...

I am a Catholic because I believe that the Catholic Church most fully believes and teaches the Truth revealed by God through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

From my parish I want a community that lives the faith we profess through sacramental worship, through service to others, especially the poor and powerless, and that acts prophetically to incarnate the saving mystery of Jesus Christ in daily life.

Anonymous said...

Pater Ignotus: me, too. Thanks for the words.


Jody Peterman said...

I am troubled. I find no fault in Pater's comments. I converted because of the beauty of the liturgy. I remain Catholic because to know history is to be Catholic.

Carol H. said...

I am a convert. I am Catholic because after personal Bible study (especially the book of Acts),and after hearing what the Catholic Church teaches on a local access channel, I recognized the early Church of the scriptures. I have a great love for the sacraments, especially for the Eucharist.

From my parish, I want worship of God and not of self. A bride that is completely faithful to Jesus her spouse, and a mother who loves my soul enough to tell me if I am living in sin, and to guide me on the road to holiness. I want a liturgy that lifts our souls toward heaven, not one that tries to bring God down to my level. I want my parish to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness, so all the world will want to be a part of who we are, worshipping God and serving others.

Gene said...

Ignotus, That sounds really great...

Templar said...

I am Catholic because I am Christian, and Christ created but one Church.

What do I want from my parish? Slavish adherence to Orthodoxy. Obedience to the Faith above all else. Brave Clergy and Laity, willing to be martyred as witnesses.

Look to the SSPX, they will show you the way.

qwikness said...

I'm Catholic for several reasons. One is the Magisterium of the Church. I trust the teaching and do not rely on my own to figure stuff out. Second is Mass and the Liturgy. I once considered protestantism but their services only had preaching and singing which I could do on my own. They study the bible all week then have church twice on Sunday which is really just more bible study. Mass has the Eucharist which we can't get anywhere else. Orthodoxy crossed my mind but I like the federal government of the Church. The confederacy of Orthodoxy is not affective. Besides the teachings are practically the same. Another thing I like is the wide variety of people that attend Mass. They say Sunday is the most segregated day of the week but not in the Catholic churches that I have been to.

TCR said...

I am Catholic because God led me, both a reluctant and petulant sinner through winding and thorny paths, to the door of the Church and planted me there. Then I proceeded to fall in love.

What do I want from my parish and the Church? The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me, God!

When the Truth is present, the fruits of worship, service, love, fidelity, and evangelism will follow---through the same Way, Truth, and Life, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I'm late chiming in, but do want to say a thing or two.
Father's first two paragraphs are me.
So is most everything the others wrote.

I must say that I am so FORTUNATE to have been born into the Church, and didn't have to do the mental work that followers of other religions must do in order to convert to the Truth.
But that doesn't mean I had it easy. Maybe it was harder.
I had fallen away for 25 years and the secular world had such a tight grip on me that I was a die-hard secularist atheist. When my dad died, death had won. His body decayed and his spirit faded into joining the energy of the universe. Finito. That's how bad I was.
Then, later when I needed forgiveness, the only place I actually got it was in the Confessional. That was a game changer.
Since that moment I have soaked up everything about the Church I could...!
I want a parish that worships God at Mass and then a community that cares about each other...
the plain man's way of stating what Pater Ignotus wrote.

qwikness said...

I would like some sort of catechism class for adults. I would like for it to be organized with a sign up and begin date, private rooms with small discussion suited for individuals level and interest. Study for old testament maybe those broken down in Torah, prophets and wisdom etc. New testament maybe broken down with Gospel and Epistles. a class on Patristics. We do have Coffee and Conversation but I want more. Protestant in-laws and friends ask about our "Sunday School." I am embarrassed when I saw we don't.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a "Coffee with the Pastor" instead of Coffee and Conversation. Just simple fellowship with other parishioners instead of feeling obligated to sit through some lecture. It seems so many people don't know each other at their own church.

Gene said...

For all of the Protestant "Sunday School," they know less of doctrine and theology than active Catholics who attend Mass and other devotional activities of the Church, especially Catholics who were well catechized to begin with.

Again, I hear the tendency to want Church to be a social event, like in Protestantism. People who are active in the Church and its various ministries and activities will get to know plenty of people. If all you do is come to Mass once a week and never darken the door of the Church again until next Sunday, you aren't going to get to know many people, anyway.
The beauty of the Mass is that the focus is on Christ and the Eucharist, and not on the people. It is the one place our spirits can be quiet, shut out the noise and demands of society, and be filled with His Presence. I don't care what the score was in the game last night, how your round of golf went, or who is slipping around with Mary Lou Headlights.

I must say that, since being at St. Joseph's, I am on a first name basis with more people and involved in more Church activities than I was even as a pastor in a Protestant church. Plus, I don't have to endure (or teach) the dreary little object lessons and proof texting that is so prevalent in Protestant Sunday Schools. God forgive me...

Anonymous said...

I am Catholic because it is the One True Faith. Because I love the Mass and our Priests. Because it is the on faith that does not bend the truth. Because I love the Pope. What do I expect? Truth, guidance, and love.

qwikness said...

For all of the Protestant "Sunday School," they know less of doctrine and theology than active Catholics who attend Mass and other devotional activities of the Church, especially Catholics who were well catechized to begin with.

I am not suggesting we be anything like a protestant. There are many adult Catholics that would do well to attend some sort of Catechism class. Many are not aware of devotionals and traditions particularly new Catholics, reverts and those of Vatican 2 generation. Some study said a large percentage of Catholics thought the Eucharist was a just a symbol.
I don't "want Church to be a social event, like in Protestantism" the parish, not Mass, should be a family looking out for each other. Not people coming and going anonymously. The Ministry fair was a great fellowship opportunity. It would cool if this was every Sunday.

Gene said...

I understand what you are saying, Qwikness, and agree with you in principle. I just have my "quasi-protestant" Sunday school detector out.