Sunday, November 13, 2011


For the past three years, as a part of our Catholic Stewardship Renewal of Time, Talent and Treasure, our parish has produced these videos. In 2009 the theme was Prayer; in 2010 the theme was Christian Formation; this year's theme is Christian Service; and next year's theme will be Christian Hospitality. These are the four pillars of Catholic Stewardship.

This video is being shown at all our Masses on our giant "jumbotron" this weekend, November 12/13. It was produced by Mr. Stacey Lumley:

This one was produced by Mr. Lovel Miguel and its theme is Christian Education shown at all Masses in 2010:

St Joseph Catholic Church Stewardship Video 2010 from stjosephmacon on Vimeo.

This was shown in 2009 and was on Christian Prayer and was produced by Mr. Lovel Miguel:


Anonymous said...

This is inspiring stuff. What about the people on the cusp? For example, I work with our Credit Union and IMO there a lot of people who 'ministered' to in very simple and practical ways. For example: building a home budget, understanding saving and investing, healthy shopping and food preparation. There are loads of these sorts of things that would be a real blessing on the people in the parish and prevent all sorts of problems. Does Saint Josephs have such programs?


Michael Brough said...

Fr Allen, thanks for this latest inspiring video. I have sent our parish stewardship team to your videos in the past as a great example of stewardship education.

You mention the video is played at Mass. Do you play it after the homily, after communion, after the final blessing? And at 12 minutes, do you get any feedback that it is too long for people?


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Michael, it's great hearing from you. I know it is not kosher, but we use it as the homily. The gospel is read, a short introduction is said and we watch the video and that's it! So no one complains and I think they like seeing it since it is in-house produced!

Anonymous said...

How can the congregation see it if you play it facing the altar?