Wednesday, November 30, 2011


They say the Holy Father is using this because of joint problems with his knees. That may well be the case, but I think it does enable those in St. Peter's to see him better. While not as high as the contraption that the Holy Father would sit on as several men carried him in, it is high enough for people to get a better glimpse of the Holy Father. As well, it offers more protection to the Holy Father. I think it is a good compromise on the previous loftiness and not using anything at all.


Templar said...

Sorry, disagree. As Christ is the King of Kings, and worthy of glorification, the Pope, as Christ's representative on Earth, should have his POSITION glorified by the use of the Sedia Gestoria (and the Papal Tiara for the matter). It is right and fitting that it be so.

Carol H. said...

I like it too, Father. It was originaly made for JPII. I am sure it would have been used centuries ago if the technology had been available. This way he glides into the room like an angel! It is much nicer than having him jostled about on other men's shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Although the Sedia would be the best option, for continuity's sake can't they at least put a red throne on the device and raise it up 10 inches so the Pope can sit and be seen? He could then be seen, he can rest his legs further, and at least it would resemble the Sedia and appear more in coninuity with the Church's past and Traditons.